Memory Police Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Yoko Ogawa
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Chapters 1-5

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Ogawa, Yoko. The Memory Police. Pantheon Books, 2019. Orig. publication date in Japanese: 1994. E-book.

• Chapter 1 begins on page 2.

• The unnamed narrator introduces herself and states that her mother had been a sculptor.

• Her mother had used the basement as her art studio and the narrator recalls sitting on a small stool that was reserved for her use within her mother’s studio.

• The narrator used to like to listen to the water rushing outside, since the house had been built very close to the river.

• The narrator recalls that on many occasions, her mother would go to the cabinet in the basement to show her strange and unfamiliar objects.

• Her mother would use these occasions to tell the narrator about objects that had already been “disappeared” (4) from the island.

• She recalls one time when...

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