Memories of My Melancholy Whores Character Descriptions

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The Narrator

This character was a pampered child given everything by an adoring mother.

Rosa Cabarcas

This character runs a small brothel that has been in business for many years.

The Girl

This character works in a clothing factory sewing buttons on shirts.


This is the name of a character in a song the narrator sings to the girl.

Florina De Dios Cargamantos

This character is the child of Italian merchants who rented shop space in the narrator's father's house.


This character is the narrator's housekeeper.

Newspaper Workers

These characters throw a party.

Ximena Ortiz

The narrator leaves this character standing at the altar.


This character became the narrator's guide to brothels and the dark work that goes on inside of them.

Casilda Armenta

The narrator runs into this character on a bus.

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