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Chapter 1

• "Memories of My Melancholy Whores" is a novel with erotic overtones by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

• An unnamed narrator tells his story from the viewpoint of his ninetieth year.
• The narrator is a journalist who at age ninety still writes a weekly column, as he has done for the last fifty years.

• He lives in a large home, but has little wealth in reality.
• As a ninetieth birthday gift, he gives himself an opportunity of spending a night with a virgin at a local brothel he frequented throughout his life.

• The madam finds a fourteen year old girl whose family needs money.
• Turning ninety caused the narrator to consider the process of aging.

• He has been mostly healthy and had a vigorous sex life.

• However, the narrator admits that he paid for every sexual encounter, including paying his housekeeper to have regular intercourse with him.
• The narrator considers...

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