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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jung feel was true about his childhood experiences?
(a) They disappeared and never troubled him again.
(b) They haunted him until he unlocked their meaning.
(c) There was a degree of eternality to them.
(d) They were fixed in time and finite.

2. What did Jung's father's dislike for Jesuits probably stem from?
(a) Jesuit treatment of Natives in North America.
(b) Centuries of Catholic persecution.
(c) The Catholic/Protestant divide.
(d) A Jesuit had killed his father.

3. What did Jung begin to write about as his career developed?
(a) Incest.
(b) Fantasies.
(c) Creativity.
(d) Sexuality.

4. What did Jung's experience show him about Freud's practices?
(a) They were useful.
(b) They were harmful.
(c) They were potentially dangerous.
(d) They could be applied successfully in limited cases.

5. What profession did Jung's uncles work in?
(a) They were engravers.
(b) They were bookkeepers.
(c) They were ministers.
(d) They were parsons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What values was Jung trying to balance in his career choice?

2. What childhood memory inspired Jung in the new direction his work was taking?

3. How did Jung follow in his father's footsteps at university?

4. How did Jung feel about meeting Freud?

5. What was the case in which Jung experienced a breakthrough?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Jung's decision to study psychiatry.

2. What does Jung mean when he says that the mind claims and keeps all experiences?

3. What happened at Jung's home to make him approach his career choice from a new angle?

4. What crisis did Jung experience?

5. Where did Jung's father's fears of Jesuits come from?

6. What limitations did Jung see in Freud?

7. What event gave Jung his fear of "men in black frocks"?

8. What importance does Jung's childhood have for him?

9. What was Jung's mental state at the time when he took his first job?

10. What did Jung discover as he grew older?

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