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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many additions did Jung make to his house?
(a) Four.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) Six.

2. What does Jung say scientists have to confront?
(a) The distortion of their ideas in the marketplace.
(b) The excessive adulation of the masses.
(c) The stigma of being evil.
(d) The misapplication of their theories.

3. When did Jung begin to build a house for himself?
(a) 1920.
(b) 1912.
(c) 1929.
(d) 1914.

4. Whose company did Jung enjoy during his African travels?
(a) A European woman.
(b) A Muslim guide.
(c) A native guide.
(d) A Japanese traveler.

5. What does Jung say about Christian theology?
(a) It reduces to a dualistic moral universe.
(b) It does not simplify good and evil.
(c) It is the true path to compassion and self-knowledge.
(d) It is often disingenuous.

6. What does Jung ultimately say about the question of an afterlife?
(a) He says it is just an aspect of human life; mysterious.
(b) He says it does not interest him.
(c) He says it will never be answered.
(d) He says that it will always torment him.

7. What does Jung say is at the heart of his house?
(a) The masculine fireplace.
(b) The maternal hearth.
(c) The communal kitchen.
(d) The rational study.

8. What does Jung say about the Devil?
(a) He says that the Devil is as much a fiction as God.
(b) He describes the notion that the Devil made the world.
(c) He attributes creation to a war between gods and devils.
(d) He says that the Devil is real and he has seen him.

9. When did Jung's friendship with Freud end?
(a) When Jung published Wandlungen und Symbologie der Libido.
(b) When Freud exiled Jung from his circle.
(c) When Jung admitted other factors than sexual trauma into the analytic schema.
(d) When Jung criticized Freud's relationship with his sister.

10. How does Jung say colonization affected the African medicine men?
(a) It expanded their healing powers with new medicine.
(b) It impaired their ability to dream.
(c) It bolstered their position as the advocates of traditional religion.
(d) It undermined their authority to perform certain rituals.

11. What does Jung say he believes about life after death?
(a) He believes it can happen sometimes.
(b) He is opposed to the idea.
(c) He is certain it's possible.
(d) He has seen too many things to rule it out.

12. What is the central symbol of alchemy?
(a) An emerald tablet.
(b) The medicine wheel.
(c) The wheel of fortune.
(d) A golden wheel.

13. What does Jung say about ghosts?
(a) They are not evidence of an afterlife.
(b) They are convincing evidence of an afterlife.
(c) They are evidence of the desire for immortality.
(d) They are projections of unconscious longings.

14. How common is the belief in an afterlife, in Jung's estimation?
(a) Almost everyone believes in an afterlife.
(b) The belief is more common in the West.
(c) It depends on the culture.
(d) Most people believe in an afterlife.

15. What does Jung say about the idea, expressed in Revelations, that time will end?
(a) That the idea exists in other cultures.
(b) That the book of Revelations should have been considered apocryphal.
(c) That the idea exists in the collective unconscious.
(d) That only developed cultures entertain this idea.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Jung begin to confront about his father when he was integrating his fantasies with his interest in alchemy?

2. How long had Jung and his wife been married when she died?

3. What warning does Jung give the reader in his discussion of life after death?

4. How was Jung's house influenced by primitives?

5. What does this central symbol of alchemy contain?

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