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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jung begin to write about as his career developed?
(a) Creativity.
(b) Incest.
(c) Fantasies.
(d) Sexuality.

2. How often did Carl Jung and Aniela Jaffe spend time together gathering materials for Jung's autobiography?
(a) A few hours each week.
(b) A few weekends a year.
(c) A few hours each day.
(d) A few hours a month.

3. What claim did Jung make for the mind?
(a) It is selective in what it remembers.
(b) It claims and keeps all experiences.
(c) It blinds itself to painful experiences, and returns to them later.
(d) It warps truth around to protect the ego.

4. What gave Jung confidence to align himself with Freud?
(a) His disdain for the bourgeoisie.
(b) His desire for Freud's renown.
(c) His disagreements with the administration of the hospital.
(d) His reputation as a fighter.

5. What does Jung say he was entirely ignorant about in his childhood experience?
(a) The family's poverty.
(b) The family's shameful history.
(c) The family's wealth.
(d) The family's reputation.

6. What was Nietzsche's reputation in Basel?
(a) He was revered.
(b) He was still unknown.
(c) He was not always spoken well of.
(d) He was vilified.

7. What was Jung's family's status?
(a) They were wealthy and dissolute.
(b) They were comfortably middle-class.
(c) They were poor but respectable.
(d) They were poor and shabby.

8. What profession did Jung's uncles work in?
(a) They were ministers.
(b) They were bookkeepers.
(c) They were parsons.
(d) They were engravers.

9. How did the other students at university perceive Jung?
(a) He was normal.
(b) He was too religious.
(c) He was sacrilegious.
(d) He was silly and inconsequential.

10. What events did Jung attend regularly for two years after the life-changing event?
(a) Church services.
(b) Pagan rituals.
(c) Table tappings.
(d) Magic shows.

11. What dream of Jung's shows his feelings about religion?
(a) Screaming obscenities in church.
(b) Feces falling upon a cathedral.
(c) Choking on a communion wafer.
(d) Meeting with the devil.

12. How did Jung encounter Freud?
(a) Freud approached Jung's published work.
(b) Jung approached Freud's published work.
(c) They were introduced through colleagues.
(d) Jung worked in a clinic with Freud.

13. What does Jung say he realized held the greatest meaning for him as he grew older?
(a) His publications and his reputation.
(b) His inner life and inner vision.
(c) His wife and family.
(d) His relationship with Freud.

14. What was the actual event that changed Jung's perspective on his studies?
(a) A knife and table split.
(b) He saw his father's face in a mirror.
(c) His mother heard God's voice.
(d) Lightning entered the dining room, touched all the silverware, and exited.

15. Jung claims that the unconscious is the source of what?
(a) Consious activity and behavior.
(b) Desires.
(c) Fantasies and daydreams.
(d) Lusts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the case in which Jung experienced a breakthrough?

2. How did Jung feel about his mother?

3. What was Jung's relationship with Freud's work?

4. How did Jung's beliefs about God affect his thinking?

5. What happened to give Jung a new perspective on his choice of field?

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