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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What field did Jung settle upon in university?
(a) Economics.
(b) Business.
(c) Medicine.
(d) Law.

2. What did Jung's father's dislike for Jesuits probably stem from?
(a) The Catholic/Protestant divide.
(b) Jesuit treatment of Natives in North America.
(c) A Jesuit had killed his father.
(d) Centuries of Catholic persecution.

3. What did Jung come to think about Freud's theories?
(a) That Freud incorporated too many other influences into his therapeutic approach.
(b) That Freud was fudging his research in order to build his career as a writer.
(c) That Freud had jumped to conclusions that his research did not bear out.
(d) That Freud gave too much prominence to sexuality.

4. Why were patients allowed to leave the asylum?
(a) They felt better after time away from the stresses that brought on their illness.
(b) They agreed to return at the first sign of abnormal behavior or feelings.
(c) The asylum could not keep them beyond a certain time.
(d) Their families were convinced to take them back.

5. What was the first revolutionary psychiatric practice that Freud instituted?
(a) Stronger anti-psychotic medications.
(b) Patients were involved in their therapy.
(c) Accept that madness is part of everyday life.
(d) Remove the mentally ill from society.

6. What plan of treatment led Jung to his breakthrough?
(a) He read the patient's writings.
(b) He used a new combination of medicines.
(c) He involved the patient in her own cure.
(d) He worked with the patient's family.

7. What dream of Jung's shows his feelings about religion?
(a) Feces falling upon a cathedral.
(b) Meeting with the devil.
(c) Screaming obscenities in church.
(d) Choking on a communion wafer.

8. What kinds of conversations were standard fare in Jung's childhood household?
(a) Discussions of literature.
(b) Discussions of political intrigue.
(c) Discussions of theology.
(d) Discussions of economics.

9. What was Jung's relationship with Freud's work?
(a) Jung's support allowed Freud to continue his work.
(b) Jung adopted Freud's methods effortlessly.
(c) It created a crisis in Jung to back Freud's methods.
(d) Jung corrected some of the assumptions in Freud's work.

10. What was Jung's primary interest?
(a) Administration.
(b) History.
(c) Psychiatry.
(d) Therapy.

11. What was the subject of Jung's thesis at university?
(a) Magic in literature.
(b) Alkaloids and heart health.
(c) Sexual trauma in childhood.
(d) Paranormal activities and mediums.

12. How did Jung encounter Freud?
(a) Jung worked in a clinic with Freud.
(b) Freud approached Jung's published work.
(c) They were introduced through colleagues.
(d) Jung approached Freud's published work.

13. How did Jung attempt to approach God?
(a) In his feelings.
(b) Through books.
(c) Through church rituals.
(d) Through piety toward his parents.

14. What effect did Jung's blasphemous dream have on him?
(a) It made him feel impious glee.
(b) It made him feel fear.
(c) It made him feel like an outcast.
(d) It made him feel sacrilegious.

15. What did Jung think about God?
(a) He thought God existed and was both kind and terrible.
(b) He thought God was essentially love and goodness.
(c) He thought God was wrathful and harsh.
(d) He thought that God was just a character in fairy tales.

Short Answer Questions

1. How often were patients allowed to return home from the asylum Jung practiced at?

2. What was Freud's position in his field when Jung met him?

3. What happened to give Jung a new perspective on his choice of field?

4. What events did Jung attend regularly for two years after the life-changing event?

5. What does Jung say he remembers from his childhood?

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