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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Introduction & First Years)


Chapter 1, Introduction & First Years

Jung's life, research and writings were formed by the times and culture he was born into. This lesson discusses Jung's family's cultural situation.


1. Research activity. Give students reference materials and ask them to research the cultural situation in Switzerland at Jung's birth. What state was technology in? What were people concerned with? What did Jung's parents do?

2. Short presentation. Ask students to spend some time preparing and then delivering presentations about how this environment affected Jung's perspective and expectations. What was the spirit of the times like? How was Jung affected by the religious tensions that were in the air?

3. Class discussion. How was Jung a product of his times? How was he a product of his family? How was he a product of some innate quality unique to him?

Homework: Write a short essay that correlates Jung's life with his...

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