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Meaningful dreams

What meaningful dreams have students had?

Paranormal activities

Have students seen things that they cannot explain? Bursting knives? Split tables? Ghosts?

Ghost writing

Write another student's biography.

Near death experiences

Have students had near death experiences? How did they change their lives?

Discerning the afterlife

Think up experiments--fantastic or scientific--for finding out whether there's an afterlife.

The anti-Jung

What would the total opposite of Jung's theories be? Write his anti-philosophy.

Casting Jung's life

Who would you cast if you were making a film of Jung's life? What Hollywood actors? Which students from your class?

Exploring archetypes

Identify the types in Jung's life. The father figures, mother figures, wife figures, etc. Who plays these roles in the students' lives? Are fathers always fathers? Mothers always mothers?

Explaining the silences

What does Jung neglect to talk about? What do you think is in the silences in Jung's autobiography...

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