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Essay Topic 1

Describe the perspective Jung occupied as a childhood non-believer who found more truth in philosophy and literature. How did he see the world from where he stood? How did he conform, and also maintain his individuality?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Jung's decision to study medicine. What parts of his childhood led him to this decision? What parts of his childhood was he turning away from in this decision?

Essay Topic 3

Jung treated and released a woman who had committed murder. Was this the right thing to do? How did this experience affect Jung--personally and as a therapist?

Essay Topic 4

How are Freud and Jung different? How are their perspectives similar?

Essay Topic 5

Freud was a father figure for Jung. How was Jung's relationship with Freud similar to Jung's relationship with his own father? Did Jung project his own father on Freud? Did Freud project his own children...

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