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Chapter 1, Introduction & First Years

• Jung describes his family origins and his theory that all his life was motivated by his unconscious.
• The unconscious retains all its experience, even experiences hidden from the subject himself.
• Even though Jung does not remember everything from childhood, he still feels that events have a degree of eternality to them.

Chapter 2, The School Years

• Jung's father inculcated a fear of Jesuits in his son, and young Carl grew up without feeling closely aligned with his family's religion.
• In a blasphemous dream, Jung imagined feces falling on a cathedral.
• In philosophy, theology and literature, Jung found something closer to a convincing set of beliefs.

Chapter 3, The Student Years

• At university, Jung was no longer an 'odd duck'; he went to university where Nietzsche had taught, and he read a little of Nietzsche, but was not a follower.
• Jung chose medicine, and had other ideas...

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