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Short Answer Questions

1. While reflecting on his life Hadrian says that he has been a lover of art, though not to the extent of which of the following emperors?

2. Which of the following religious cults does Hadrian explore during his time in the army?

3. When talking about his frustration with the movement of the equinoxes, Hadrian says that this precession was calculated long ago by which individual?

4. After discussing Trajan's perilous position as he finds enemies on all sides, Hadrian notes that Trajan wastes an entire winter in the siege of which desert fortress?

5. While discussing Roman commerce during his time in Antioch, Hadrian mentions that which religious group is a constant problem for Rome in Alexandria?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reasons does Hadrian give when he abandons Trajan's conquest plans?

2. In "Varius Multiplex Multiformis, 49-69," what happens to Hadrian's young mistress who is in love with a dancer?

3. Explain Hadrian's thoughts on building, as discussed in "Tellus Stabilita, 122-149."

4. How does Hadrian react to his marriage insisted upon by Plotina, Trajan's wife?

5. As Hadrian begins to question Trajan's military policy, what reason does he give for Trajan's obsession with war?

6. Describe Hadrian's thoughts when he begins to feel himself divine in "Tellus Stabilita, 122-149."

7. What is Trajan's opinion of Hadrian after the death of Domitian and during Hadrian's early military career?

8. When discussing his early education, how does Hadrian say he feels about Greek?

9. How does the first Sarmatian war change Hadrian?

10. Describe what happens to Hadrian when he rides to take news of Domitian's death to his cousin Trajan.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze and discuss the evolving relationship between Hadrian and Sabina. How does their relationship begin, how does it change, and how does it end at the time of her death? Include supporting information from the text.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and discuss the various stages in the relationship between Hadrian and Antinous. What is Antinous' purpose in Hadrian's life beyond that of a beautiful plaything? Be sure to include supporting information and quotes from the text.

Essay Topic 3

Using the entire book as a reference, discuss how Hadrian feels about religion. Does he believe in a form of religion or not? What evidence from the text supports your conclusion?

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