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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hadrian finally decides to adopt Lucius, thus making him successor. Which of the following names does Lucius take after the adoption?
(a) Antonius.
(b) Octavius.
(c) Aelius.
(d) Julius.

2. When Hadrian states that if the collapse of Rome happens it will concern his successors, he mentions that it is which year of the Roman era?
(a) 762.
(b) 847.
(c) 265.
(d) 349.

3. During the ceremony to inter Antinous' body, a sprig of what plant is placed upon his chest?
(a) Willow.
(b) Acacia.
(c) Lotus.
(d) Poppy.

4. At the end of "Saeculum Aureum, 153-171," Hadrian says that his once-turbulent relationship with which individual has cooled to a general indifference?
(a) Marullinus.
(b) Plotina.
(c) Attianus.
(d) Sabina.

5. Hadrian discusses at length his favorite poets after Antinous' death. Which of the following wrote a long poem about Lydia, his deceased wife, and is one of Hadrian's favorites?
(a) Megara.
(b) Antimachus.
(c) Phlegon.
(d) Theognis.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of "Disciplina Augusta, 211-233," Hadrian grows angry with his bumbling secretary. Which part of the man's body does Hadrian seriously injure?

2. After Antinous decides on a tutor, Hadrian says that which of the following individuals, a Stoic philosopher, asks his permission to retire from service by suicide?

3. Which of the following individuals declares Antinous dead after his body is found in the river?

4. Upon growing bored in Alexandria, Hadrian and his company visit a magician in Canopus. What animal does Antinous insist upon sacrificing to destiny?

5. Hadrian returns to Rome after he leaves Greece in "Disciplina Augusta, 211-233" and writes which document to codify the administration of Italy?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Hadrian recounts the series of misunderstandings that lead to Jewish revolt in Jerusalem, what attitude does he take toward the Jews?

2. How does Hadrian respond to the Christian admonition which consists of "loving another as oneself" after he is approached by Quadratus to defend Christians?

3. What observations does Hadrian make upon first meeting Antinous?

4. Why, when Hadrian sets about finding a successor, does he say that the Roman tradition of adoption works best?

5. Why does Antinous refuse to have his palm read a few days after the sacrifice on Mount Cassius?

6. What qualities strike Hadrian as special when he first meets Arrian of Nicomedia?

7. As "Saeculum Aureum, 189-211" opens, what peculiar habit does Hadrian mention of Lucius?

8. Describe the three prospects Hadrian dismisses before finally settling on Lucius as his successor and why those three are dismissed.

9. In "Saeculum Aureum, 171-189," why does Hadrian begin to push Antinous away?

10. After Antinous' death, what conclusions does Hadrian draw as to why the young man committed suicide?

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