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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Saeculum Aureum, 189-211.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following individuals comes to Hadrian's aid with Trajan in Antioch, when Hadrian fears he is losing his position as Trajan's heir?
(a) Sabina.
(b) Palma.
(c) Plotina.
(d) Pliny.

2. In "Varius Multiplex Multiformis, 49-69," which of the following individuals is Trajan's wife who persuades him to let Hadrian write his speeches?
(a) Plotina.
(b) Livia.
(c) Agrippina.
(d) Sabina.

3. To which of the following famous sites does Hadrian travel with his wife soon after the death of Antinous?
(a) Colossus.
(b) Cleopatra's tomb.
(c) Sphinx.
(d) Alexander's tomb.

4. During "Varius Multiplex Multiformis, 69-92," which of the following individuals is one of Hadrian's supporters and becomes Trajan's new privy councillor?
(a) Lusius Quietus.
(b) Attianus.
(c) Plotina.
(d) Celsus.

5. During the visit to the magician in Canopus, the animal sacrifice is drowned. To which god is drowning intended to send the sacrificed animal in this ritual?
(a) Osiris.
(b) Horace.
(c) Bast.
(d) Isis.

Short Answer Questions

1. After discussing the murder of the leader in the Mauretanian revolt, Hadrian says that it reminds him of the proscriptions of which individual that stained the reputation of Augustus?

2. Hadrian mentions, in his discussion of how people relate to each other, that he has incurred some criticism because he likes to read what?

3. After Nerva's death, Hadrian sets out to take the news to his cousin. Whose servants attack Hadrian on the way?

4. When the first reports of the Parthian campaign come in, which of the following major cities has fallen to Rome?

5. Which of the following individuals becomes the new emperor in "Varius Multiplex Multiformis, 29-49"?

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