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Glückel of Hameln
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who first published Gluckel's memoirs in 1896?

2. Who was the fifth of Joseph Hameln's children?

3. Who was the second richest Altona Jew?

4. Who did Chayim ask to recommend a Talmud scholar to arbitrate for him in Hildesheim?

5. Under whose rule did the Jews settle in Altona?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reasons does the Introduction give for Gluckel writing the memoirs?

2. What plague scare happened in Gluckel's family?

3. What happened after Gluckel's wedding in Book II? What was Gluckel's impression of Hameln?

4. What does the Introduction say about the value of The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln as a historical artifact?

5. What arrived in Hanover to transport the wedding party in Book II? How did Chayim's father handle the situation?

6. What advice did Gluckel leave to her readers in Book I?

7. What value did jewels hold in the 17th Century? How did this affect Chayim's business?

8. Who were the youngest of Joseph Hameln's children?

9. What examples did Gluckel give of her father taking in others into his home?

10. Who are the eldest of Chayim's siblings described in Book II?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the discrimination Jews faced in 17th Century Europe. What was the "Jewish Emancipation" and when did it come?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the different causes of premature death in 17th Century Europe. How did many of Gluckel's family die?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the voice and tense of the narrative. What are difference instances where Gluckel changed tense or voice and why? Define the terms in your answer.

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