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Glückel of Hameln
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• This work, published in 1932, takes place from 1646 through 1724.

• The book presents a historical, non-fictional autobiography of Gluckel of Hameln as a Jewish mother and successful businesswoman.

• Gluckel bore fourteen children and raised twelve from infancy through betrothal and marriage to adulthood and the death of some.

• Robert S. Rosen notes in his introduction that Gluckel's memoirs were invaluable to historians and others interested in the 17th and 18th centuries.
• Gluckel wrote the story for her children to read as a chronicle of her life.

• Gluckel was betrothed at twelve and married Chayim Hameln at fourteen.

• Gluckel and Chayim had twelve children.
• Gluckel traveled widely in Europe pursuing social and business activities in France, Denmark, Holland, Austria and Poland as well as Germany.

• At the age of forty-four in 1689, Gluckel was widowed and left with eight of their twelve children yet to raise at home.

• Gluckel took over...

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