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Arthur Golden
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mameha say will happen to Sayuri when the bidding for her mizuage goes high?

2. Who doesn't seem to be paying attention when Sayuri begins her story about stopping to cry by the Shirakawa Stream?

3. Whom does Sayuri say she's waiting for before she returns to Gion?

4. What object springs to Sayuri's mind that makes her decide not to let the Chairman's handkerchief fly away at the sea cliffs?

5. What does Sayuri present to Mameha as a gift?

Short Essay Questions

1. What stories does Sayuri tell when it's her turn to play "Big Liar"?

2. Explain the disagreement Hatsumomo and Sayuri have about the brooch in chapter 27.

3. What causes Sayuri to begin talking to Dr. Crab about taking her clothes off?

4. What does the Minister do that so angers Nobu at the end of chapter 32?

5. What do Sayuri and Nobu discuss when they see each other again after so many years in chapter 28?

6. How does Mother deal with Hatsumomo's rage when the latter finds out that Mother won't be adopting Pumpkin?

7. Explain how Sayuri finds herself in a difficult situation when Mameha comes to the okiya to collect on her bet with Mother.

8. What happens when Sayuri watches Mameha dance at the performance of "Dances of the Old Capital"?

9. How does Sayuri come to the impression that the Chairman is in love with Pumpkin?

10. What does Sayuri realize in thinking about Satsu while living with the Arashinos?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Recall chapter 22 in which Sayuri watches Mameha dance in "A Courtier Returns to His Wife" and Mother tells Sayuri she will be adopting her. At this point in the story, explain how the author touches on the topic of loss by depicting several of the characters dealing with their own losses by describing who has lost what and how each character copes.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout her time in the okiya, Chiyo faces a great deal of adversity. Describe the difficulties she faces and the strategies she develops to deal with these difficulties.

Essay Topic 3

Using the Baron's forceful undressing of her as an example, describe Sayuri's inability to defend herself and explain how this inability relates to Nobu and what angers him throughout his friendship with Sayuri.

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