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Arthur Golden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chiyo do at the end of chapter 13 that convinces Mameha that she is ready for her debut?
(a) She catches the attention of every geisha she passes.
(b) She performs the tea ceremony perfectly all by herself.
(c) She makes a delivery boy drop his tray just by looking at him.
(d) She makes a prominent man stop on the street to look at her.

2. Who repeatedly invites Sayuri to the Ichiriki Teahouse to entertain in chapter 19?
(a) Hatsumomo.
(b) Iwamura Electric.
(c) Nobu.
(d) The Chairman.

3. Who does Auntie say will end up in a jorou-ya if she ever gets what she deserves?
(a) Pumpkin.
(b) Yoko.
(c) Hatsumomo.
(d) Chiyo.

4. What does Pumpkin say she'd rather drink when Hatsumomo insists she drink a beer with her at the beginning of chapter 20?
(a) Urine.
(b) Sake.
(c) Spit.
(d) Tea.

5. Why is Sayuri worried that Mameha wants Nobu to become her danna?
(a) She can't stand to look at his face.
(b) She doesn't think she will ever have sufficient status to have a man like Nobu as a danna.
(c) It would ruin her chances of any relationship with the Chairman.
(d) She is worried what Hatsumomo will think.

6. Who is Hatsumiyo?
(a) Hatsumomo's biological sister.
(b) Pumpkin.
(c) Mother's biological daughter.
(d) Mameha's older sister.

7. What does Mr. Tanaka write has happened to Satsu?
(a) She has fallen ill.
(b) She has run off with Mr. Sugi's son.
(c) She has died.
(d) She has come back to Yoroido.

8. What did Awajiumi do for a living before he began working at the Gion Registry Office?
(a) He was a farmer.
(b) He was a fish merchant.
(c) He was a sumo wrestler.
(d) He was a geisha dresser.

9. Whose graves does Chiyo see in the graveyard?
(a) Her grandparents' graves.
(b) Her siblings' graves.
(c) Her father's first family's graves.
(d) Her neighbors' graves.

10. What does Mameha tell her maid to do with Chiyo when she sees her the first time after a long absence?
(a) Give her a bath.
(b) Fix her hair.
(c) Give her some proper shoes.
(d) Put her in a kimono.

11. What did Chiyo hide under the house's foundation that she finds again in chapter 9?
(a) A hairpin.
(b) A coin.
(c) A moth.
(d) A tree branch.

12. What does Hatsumomo's boyfriend do for a living?
(a) He is a cook at a noodle house.
(b) He is a photographer.
(c) He is a construction worker.
(d) He is a businessman.

13. In which city was Nobu injured?
(a) In Kyoto.
(b) In Seoul.
(c) In Tokyo.
(d) In Peking.

14. Why does Mameha say Mother wants Chiyo to fail?
(a) Because Mother is partial to Hatsumomo.
(b) Because Mother has never liked Chiyo.
(c) Because Mother will owe Mameha a lot of money if she does.
(d) Because Mother has always been mean-spirited.

15. Where does Chiyo go after eating her shaved ice in chapter 9?
(a) To the school.
(b) To the okiya.
(c) To the Gion shrine.
(d) To the stone wall.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hatsumomo paint her lips?

2. What are ohana?

3. Which element does Chiyo's mother have too much of in her personality?

4. In chapter 16, what does Mameha tell Sayuri that Pumpkin has won?

5. What does Chiyo say regularly complicates the task of doing her chores?

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