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Arthur Golden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mameha tell her maid to do with Chiyo when she sees her the first time after a long absence?
(a) Put her in a kimono.
(b) Fix her hair.
(c) Give her some proper shoes.
(d) Give her a bath.

2. Why is Sayuri worried that Mameha wants Nobu to become her danna?
(a) It would ruin her chances of any relationship with the Chairman.
(b) She can't stand to look at his face.
(c) She is worried what Hatsumomo will think.
(d) She doesn't think she will ever have sufficient status to have a man like Nobu as a danna.

3. What problem does Sayuri have in trying to pour tea for the Chairman in chapter 17?
(a) The Chairman says he doesn't like tea.
(b) She was supposed to pour tea for Nobu first.
(c) The teapot is empty.
(d) She spills the tea on the Chairman.

4. Which element does Chiyo's mother have too much of in her personality?
(a) Earth.
(b) Water.
(c) Wood.
(d) Fire.

5. Who repeatedly invites Sayuri to the Ichiriki Teahouse to entertain in chapter 19?
(a) The Chairman.
(b) Hatsumomo.
(c) Iwamura Electric.
(d) Nobu.

6. How does Mameha say Sayuri can make a good impression on Nobu?
(a) By being especially nice to him.
(b) By being especially nice to the founder of Iwamura Electric.
(c) By behaving well when she meets him despite his looks.
(d) By continually pouring sake for him.

7. Why does Pumpkin have so much trouble in music class?
(a) She doesn't have much of an ear.
(b) She can't read music.
(c) She can't sing.
(d) She has a hard time paying attention.

8. What does Sayuri do when Hatsumomo arrives at the Ichiriki and finds her entertaining the Chairman alone?
(a) She spends all her time talking about Nobu.
(b) She lets Hatsumomo do all the entertaining.
(c) She acts bored.
(d) She leaves immediately.

9. What does Kuniko say Taro is afraid of?
(a) Crabs.
(b) Spiders.
(c) Bugs.
(d) Earthworms.

10. What is a momoware?
(a) An apprentice geisha's hairstyle.
(b) A kind of kimono.
(c) A type of peach.
(d) A hairpin.

11. Why does Chiyo say Hatsumomo is "like an empress" in the okiya?
(a) She is a tyrant.
(b) She earns the income for the whole house.
(c) She has the most power.
(d) She is the most beautiful woman in the house.

12. What did Chiyo hide under the house's foundation that she finds again in chapter 9?
(a) A tree branch.
(b) A coin.
(c) A moth.
(d) A hairpin.

13. Why does Mameha say Mother wants Chiyo to fail?
(a) Because Mother is partial to Hatsumomo.
(b) Because Mother will owe Mameha a lot of money if she does.
(c) Because Mother has never liked Chiyo.
(d) Because Mother has always been mean-spirited.

14. Where is the ceremony performed that ties Pumpkin and Hatsumomo together as sisters?
(a) At the Nitta okiya.
(b) At the Gion Shrine.
(c) By the Shirakawa Stream.
(d) At the Mizuki Teahouse.

15. How much does Mother first offer Mameha on top of her usual fee for her services of being an older sister if Chiyo pays off her debts by twenty?
(a) 30 percent.
(b) 60 percent.
(c) 25 percent.
(d) 10 percent.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 12 what does the narrator say she did NOT study?

2. What does Dr. Crab accuse Mameha and Sayuri of doing?

3. What does Hatsumomo say her paulownia wood is for?

4. What does Mr. Tanaka write has happened to Satsu?

5. What are tsutsumi, okawa, and taiko?

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