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Arthur Golden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to get Chiyo and Satsu at the beginning of chapter 3?
(a) Mrs. Fidget.
(b) Their father.
(c) Mr. Tanaka's assistant.
(d) Mr. Tanaka.

2. Which teahouse does Mameha entertain Dr. Crab at the end of chapter 20?
(a) At the Ichiriki.
(b) At the Shirae.
(c) At the Mizuki.
(d) At the Yashino.

3. Who does Auntie say will end up in a jorou-ya if she ever gets what she deserves?
(a) Yoko.
(b) Chiyo.
(c) Pumpkin.
(d) Hatsumomo.

4. Where does Chiyo go after eating her shaved ice in chapter 9?
(a) To the Gion shrine.
(b) To the school.
(c) To the okiya.
(d) To the stone wall.

5. How does Mameha tell Sayuri to act when she meets the Doctor?
(a) Honored.
(b) Helpless.
(c) Respectful.
(d) Silly.

6. How much does Mother first offer Mameha on top of her usual fee for her services of being an older sister if Chiyo pays off her debts by twenty?
(a) 10 percent.
(b) 25 percent.
(c) 30 percent.
(d) 60 percent.

7. What is the pillow a geisha uses to protect her hairstyle filled with?
(a) Barley hulls.
(b) Wheat chaff.
(c) Barley.
(d) Rice.

8. What problem does Sayuri have in trying to pour tea for the Chairman in chapter 17?
(a) The teapot is empty.
(b) The Chairman says he doesn't like tea.
(c) She spills the tea on the Chairman.
(d) She was supposed to pour tea for Nobu first.

9. Where is the ceremony performed that ties Pumpkin and Hatsumomo together as sisters?
(a) By the Shirakawa Stream.
(b) At the Gion Shrine.
(c) At the Mizuki Teahouse.
(d) At the Nitta okiya.

10. At which teahouse does Chiyo's ceremony with Mameha take place?
(a) At the Ichikawa Teahouse.
(b) At the Kaiseki Teahouse.
(c) At the Kanzaki Teahouse.
(d) At the Ichiriki Teahouse.

11. What does Hatsumomo say her paulownia wood is for?
(a) For drawing her eyebrows.
(b) For holding up her hair.
(c) For decorating her Noh mask.
(d) For tying her obi.

12. What are ekubo?
(a) Sweet rice cakes.
(b) Incense sticks.
(c) Chopsticks.
(d) Crab cakes.

13. What are tsutsumi, okawa, and taiko?
(a) Kinds of drums.
(b) Kinds of dances.
(c) Kinds of songs.
(d) Kinds of stringed instruments.

14. What is the cause of Granny's death?
(a) A fire.
(b) A space heater.
(c) A bee sting.
(d) A bad fall.

15. What are ohana?
(a) Offerings to the geisha.
(b) Offerings to the Teahouse mistress.
(c) A geisha's nightly fee.
(d) Incense sticks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mameha tell Sayuri to show to men when she's filling their teacups?

2. In chapter 16, what does Mameha tell Sayuri that Pumpkin has won?

3. What color do Mameha and her maid agree that Chiyo's eyes are on their visit to pay their respects to Granny?

4. What does Kuniko say Taro is afraid of?

5. Why does Hatsumomo say Mameha is trying to drive her out of Gion?

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