Memoirs of a Geisha Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Arthur Golden
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1. Which element does Chiyo's mother have too much of in her personality?


2. Which element does Chiyo's father have too much of in his personality?


3. Whose graves does Chiyo see in the graveyard?

Her father's first family's graves.

4. What does Mr. Tanaka deliver to Chiyo for her mother at the beginning of chapter 2?

Chinese herbs.

5. What are "zori"?


6. What does Kuniko say Taro is afraid of?


7. Who comes to get Chiyo and Satsu at the beginning of chapter 3?

Mr. Tanaka's assistant.

8. Around which year does the narrator say Chiyo arrives in Kyoto?


9. What does Chiyo first notice about Hatsumomo?

The beauty of her kimono.

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