Objects & Places from Memoirs of a Geisha

Arthur Golden
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This is the city in Japan that Chiyo is taken to after being sold by Mr. Tanaka.


This is one of the most prominent geisha districts in Japan and home to Chiyo/Sayuri for most of her life.


This is the small fishing village where Chiyo grew up.

Noh mask

This is the expressionless prop used in dramatic theater that Sayuri sometimes refers to when she herself tries to remain expressionless.


These are cities in Japan. The first is home to the headquarters of Iwamura Electric. The second is the site of a famous bombing during World War II and the third is Japan's capital city.


This is the little fishing village where Mr. Tanaka lives, not far from the village Chiyo lives in.


This is a game similar to solitaire played in Japan, also played by the guests at...

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