Memed, My Hawk Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. In "Chapter 1", what part of Turkey is described?


2. How many villages are in Dikenli?


3. What happens when Memed runs through thistles in "Chapter 2"?

His legs get cut.

4. In "Chapter 2", who does Memed want to adopt him?

A goat herder.

5. How far does Memed walk from his home village in "Chapter 2"?

Two hours.

6. What does Suleyman warn Memed not to cross in "Chapter 2"?

The red hill.

7. Why does Memed tell Suleyman he left home?

Because he was beaten.

8. Why does Deuneh worry in "Chapter 3"?

Because Memed isn't home.

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