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Deyirmenoluk and the Five Villages

This is Memed's home village.

The Town

This is a small city that is a couple of days walk from where Memed grows up.

The Chukurova

This is a plain with marshes and rivers going through it.

The Aghas

These are big landlords that totally control several villages and much farmland.


These are annoying plants, sort of weeds.

Alidagh Mountain, Mount Alidagh

This is where Memed hides out in a cave.

Aktozlu Village

This village is burned down.

Vayvay Village

This is a target for takeover by Ali Safa Bey.

Karadut Village

This loses its leader during a fight to avoid takeover.

Chichekli Valley

This overlooks the town where Hatche is imprisoned.

Ankara, Turkey

This is the new capital city.

The Nomad Tribes, the Turkomans

These were forced to settle farms by the Ottoman Empire.

Tenant Farmers, Serfs

These people do not...

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