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Letter Home

Pretend you are one of the farmers who is hiding their wheat and write a series of letters to your relatives explaining what you are doing.


Make a map of the villages in this novel, as well as the other places Memed travels. Mark important locations.

Political Cartoon

Create a political cartoon that responds to the practice of feudal land ownership.

Prison Plan

Create a plan to help Memed get into prison to visit Hatche. Why would your plan work better than the one he devised in the novel?


Make a collage that represents the theme of liberation in "Memed, My Hawk".


Play a game of pictionary using important words, characters and locations from "Memed, My Hawk".

My Hawk

Make a poster that shows how the nickname "My Hawk" is fitting for Memed.

Talk Show

Host a talk show to help Memed and...

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