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Essay Topic 1

How does Deuneh serve as a motivating factor for Memed? Consider her role as something that motivates all/some of Memed's actions in life.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze the portrayal of morality in this novel. Consider how the "good" characters are describe vs. the "bad" characters. What actions are deemed acceptable? How do these relate to the written laws? Keep in mind the feudal land system as well as the outlaw groups.

Essay Topic 3

How is Abdi an antagonist? Consider his character throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 4

Research the landlord system and feudal land ownership. How does this system affect the development of the characters and plot? What is the author's message about land ownership?

Essay Topic 5

Examine the use of wheat as a symbol in "Memed, My Hawk".

Essay Topic 6

Compare and contrast the prison setting to one other setting in this novel.

Essay Topic 7


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