Memed, My Hawk Character Descriptions

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This character lives for a short period of time with a band of outlaws, but focuses his attention on ending feudal land ownership.


This character is a brigand and helps defend his friend when a group comes to murder him.


This character is wrongly put in prison when they are accused of shooting someone.

Lame Ali

This character is known for being a great tracker.

Abdi Agha

This character owns five villages and often withholds food from the villagers.

Durmish Ali

This character helps to organize villagers to have them stop paying the landlord taxes.


This character shelters a young boy who runs away.

Mother Huru, Aunt Huru

This character disagrees with people seeking revenge, but eventually agrees to help them by watching out at home.

Durdu, Mad Durdu

This character is the leader of an outlaw band, or a group of brigands.

Sergeant Rejep

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