Memed, My Hawk Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-3, pp. 3-29

• Memed lives in southeast Turkey.

• Memed runs away from his village and hopes to be adopted by someone in a neighboring village.

• Memed meets Suleyman, who takes him in.

• Memed's mother starts searching for her missing son.

Chapter 4-6, pp. 29-50

• Memed returns home to help his mother harvest.

• Abdi takes three-fourths of Deuneh's harvest and they face starvation.

• Deuneh and Memed face starvation. Their neighbors give them bread.

• Abdi gives Deuneh wheat in exchange for a cow and calf.

Chapters 7-9, pp. 50- 96

• Memed and his friend travel to the city.

• Memed decides to run off with Hatche.

• Deuneh is beaten by Abdi when Memed runs off with Hatche.

• Memed and Hatche are discovered. Memed shoots Abdi and gets away, but Hatche is caught.

Chapters 10-11, pp. 97-132

• Memed goes to Suleyman for help after shooting Abdi.

• Memed becomes part of an outlaw...

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