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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Frankie never enter into the the Blue Moon?
(a) Because there were laws to keep her out of the establishment.
(b) Because she knew that she had no valid right to enter the establishment.
(c) Because the owner told her that she was not welcome in the establishment.
(d) Because her father told her not to enter the establishment.

2. In Part I, what does Frankie, Berenice, and John Henry do every afternoon after eating dinner?
(a) They play cards.
(b) They go fishing.
(c) They play music and dance.
(d) They throw rocks across the lake.

3. What kind of shoes does F. Jasmin have on when she runs into the soldier from the Blue Moon?
(a) Black pumps.
(b) Red sandles.
(c) White sneakers.
(d) Pink flip flops.

4. What is F. Jasmin's father's full name?
(a) Royal Quincy Addams.
(b) James Quincy Addams
(c) Quincy Monroe Addams
(d) Quincy Washington Addams.

5. What did F. Jasmin decide to have engraved on visiting cards that she was making?
(a) F. J. Addams, Esq.
(b) F. J. Addams.
(c) F. Jasmin Addams.
(d) F. Jasmin Addams, Esq.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character makes the following remark, "You know its still hard for me to realize that the world turns around at a rate of about a thousand miles an hour."

2. What is going on between the solider from the Blue Moon and the monkey man when F. Jasmin finds them together?

3. What does F. Jasmin's father wear on the Saturday before the wedding?

4. What street is the Blue Moon situated on?

5. Why is Frankie not a member of the club in her neighborhood?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Frankie.

2. What does F. Jasmin ask her father when she returns home from her date? How does her father respond?

3. How do Big Mama's words foreshadow what will happen at the wedding?

4. What does Berenice translate what she thinks F. Jasmin is saying? How does this help F. Jasmin?

5. Why does F. Jasmin disappear and Frances appear in Part 3?

6. How does Frances react to not being included in the wedding party?

7. What new fear does F. Jasmin have by the end of Part 2, Chapter 3? Why does she have this fear?

8. What did Frankie imagine that some of the sidewalk lazies would say about her while she is working in her father's shop?

9. How are Frances' dreams of travel kept alive at the end of Part 3?

10. What does France to do the night after returning home from the wedding?

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