The Member of the Wedding Character Descriptions

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Frances Addams - The twelve year-old main character who is described in the book as feeling ugly and awkward and who is restless and bored with life in the hometown, and who dreams of a more exciting life.

Jarvis Addams - The blond and handsome older brother of the main character who is in the Army and is stationed in Alaska.

Royal Quincy Addams - This character is a successful jewelry store owner who earns a middle-class living, but seldom spends time with family.

Big Mama - This character is bedridden for many years because of a back injury and is said to have developed a "second sight."

Berenice Sadie Brown - This character is an African-American cook with very dark skin, who offers advice, tells stories, and puts up with the main character's moodiness although the position as a servant prevents this character from being...

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