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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do those in Munich view Austria?
(a) As a strange country.
(b) As the capital of Germany.
(c) As a German state.
(d) As a foreign nation.

2. What does Hitler see as the end result of the plight of the worker?
(a) A life full of struggles that result in riches.
(b) A life of love and hard work.
(c) A life that leads to degeneration of the individual.
(d) A life of wealth and happiness.

3. Of what does the third group consist?
(a) Non-believers who think everything they read is a lie.
(b) Those who do not care what is taking place in politics.
(c) Readers who believe everything they read because they are unable to think for themselves.
(d) Independent thinkers who form their own opinions.

4. What is the task required of the Aryan?
(a) He has to guide those below him.
(b) He has to follow the wishes of those above him.
(c) He has to conquer and regulate the activity of those below him.
(d) He has to do as his leader says.

5. What is Hitler's impression of the German Workers' Party?
(a) It is just another party that forms out of dissatisfaction with other parties.
(b) It is a party different from many others at the time.
(c) It is a party he would like to be a part of.
(d) It is a threat to his beliefs.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Hitler become interested in propaganda?

2. During the war Hitler feels that Germany's enemies are good at doing what?

3. According to Hitler, Social Democracy cannot be understood without knowledge of who?

4. Why must the stronger not be allowed to mate with the weaker?

5. How many things does Hitler find wrong with politicians' policies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What wars does Hitler follow with interest?

2. In what does Hitler become interested during this period of his life?

3. How does Hitler feel about the time he spends in Vienna?

4. What are Hitler's thoughts about the plight of the peasant boy?

5. What does happens on February 4, 1920?

6. How do the Americans and English use propaganda effectively?

7. What does Hitler say about the term religious?

8. When Hitler feels that he cannot join any of the existing political parties, what does he decide to do?

9. Describe Hitler's parents.

10. What does Hitler learn about the people in Munich, regarding Austria?

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