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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the factors that distinguishes man from animal?
(a) Emotion.
(b) Language.
(c) Invention.
(d) Thumbs.

2. Who does Hitler accuse of pillaging the German nation through war societies?
(a) The Russians.
(b) The Jews.
(c) The Allied forces.
(d) The Catholics.

3. What does Hitler say about the present state regarding the terms that exist for people?
(a) There are five.
(b) There is only one.
(c) There are two.
(d) There are four.

4. Of what does a federated state consist?
(a) A state that is run by a federal government.
(b) A league of sovereign states.
(c) One united state.
(d) A group of loosely-connected states.

5. What is the only foundation on which to build a new state authority?
(a) Culture.
(b) Wealth.
(c) Education.
(d) Popularity.

6. In a folkish state, what are the issues?
(a) Race and nationality.
(b) Wealth and education.
(c) Understanding of the culture.
(d) Fluency in German.

7. How will Germany's win occur?
(a) If she has enough troops who are willing to die for the cause.
(b) If she protects the land she has and avoids conflict.
(c) If she realizes that all men are created equally.
(d) If she is led and organized according to the principles mentioned above.

8. Who are those who are either naturally born in the country or those who have been naturalized?
(a) Foreigners.
(b) Citizens.
(c) Minors.
(d) Voters.

9. How does Hitler view the existence of Jews in political bodies?
(a) As a benefit.
(b) As a minor irritation.
(c) As a poisoning factor.
(d) As a negative consequence.

10. How does Hitler define the difference between the old Reich and the new Republic?
(a) As differences between what is wrong and what is right.
(b) As differences between the new and the old.
(c) As differences between the weak and the powerful.
(d) As differences between the internal and external appearances.

11. Why does Hitler's movement use red posters at its meetings?
(a) To worry the Russians.
(b) To cause fear in the German workers.
(c) To irritate the Marxists.
(d) To annoy the Jews.

12. Wage differentials and economic progress do not make ____________.
(a) A country wealthy.
(b) Sense.
(c) A philosophy.
(d) Germany any safer.

13. What does Hitler think of the German leaders?
(a) They are unintelligent and uneducated.
(b) They are pathetic and weak.
(c) They are strong and powerful.
(d) They are kind and loving.

14. What is the purpose of propaganda?
(a) To make the population ready to accept an idea and its victory.
(b) To make the population nervous and unsure.
(c) To make the population suspicious of those in power.
(d) To make the population question their beliefs.

15. What type of people come to be the leaders and the masses follow them?
(a) The most intelligent.
(b) The worst.
(c) The most compassionate.
(d) The best.

Short Answer Questions

1. What meetings does Hitler attend in the 1919-1921 period?

2. How does Hitler believe terror should be fought?

3. What do they notice at their meetings, always challenging the same few points?

4. There is a federation of what kind of groups?

5. What must be encouraged among the masses?

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