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Braunau on the Inn

This town, on the German-Austrian border, is the birth place of Adolf Hitler.


This is an Austrian village where Hitler's father retires to and buys a farm.


This is where the Academy is located. This is the art school Hitler tries to enter and is rejected by.


This is a city in Germany where Hitler moves in 1912.

Beelitz, Germany

This is a town near Berlin where there is a military hospital. Hitler is sent here to recover.

Nuremberg, Germany

This is the home of Julius Streicher.


This is on the Western Front, where Hitler spends most of his time fighting during World War I.


This is the site of a march in October, 1922. It is located in Bavaria.


This is an opponent of Germany in World War I and is frequently mentioned in discussions of foreign policy.

South Tyrol

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