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German History

Choose an aspect of German history and present it to the class in a five-minute presentation.

German Folktales

Choose a German folktale, create a script, rehearse, and perform it for the class with a small group of students.

German Food

Research German cooking recipes, and make one of them to share with the class.

German Language

Bring in a teacher to give an introductory lesson in German.

German Music

Listen to traditional German music. How does it compare to music of other cultures?

World War I

Research an aspect of World War I, and write a one-page paper on your findings.

Treaty of Versailles

What is the Treaty of Versailles? Why did it take place? What were the effects of it? What can one learn from this treaty?

What If...

What if Hitler's early life had turned out differently. How might it have changed who he...

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