Mein Kampf Character Descriptions

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Adolf Hitler

This character is born in the Austrian-German border town of Braunau on the Inn. He studies the parliamentary and electoral process during the years he is in Vienna and develops many of his philosophic views during these years.

Dr. Leopold Potsch

This character is a history teacher of Hitler's who influences him greatly. He believes in looking for the forces that cause historical events, not just memorizing dates and names.

Dr. Karl Lueger

This character is the head of the Christian Social Party. He correctly estimates the effect of economics on men and he learns to use this to advance his purposes.

Georg von Schonerer

This character is the leader of the Pan-German movement in Austria. His views foresee the end of the Austrian state as it exists then.

Kurt Eisner

This character is mentioned several times throughout the book. Hitler describes him as an international...

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