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Short Answer Questions

1. Why was the lumber yard that Gurdjieff's father opened a failure?

2. What was Pogossian bitten by?

3. When did Gurdjieff meet Pogossian and become friends with him?

4. Who was Vseslavsky?

5. According to Gurdjieff, contemporary literature falls into which three categories?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe an ashokh.

2. What was the relationship between Gurdjieff's father and Dean Borsh?

3. Which two animals does Gurdjieff think each man should embody and why?

4. Who was Gurdjieff's first tutor and what position did he hold?

5. What did Father Borsh, Gurdjieff's first tutor, think of the experiment in spiritualism using the table?

6. How did Gurdjieff happen to see the famous ashokhs of those days?

7. Why do Gurdjieff and Pogossian travel to Alexandropol?

8. What did Father Borsh do sometimes for a rest?

9. What are Gurdjiefff's thoughts on the grammars of different languages, who composes them and alters them?

10. What is a gornakh?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) How does Gurdjieff make money in Rome? What does he build to embellish his small business?

2) What does Vitvitskaia find she has an interest in and a talent for when she is living with prince Lubovedsky's sister? What experiments does she try?

3) How does Gurdjieff change his opinion of Vitivitskaia? Do you think the prince has more compassion and intuition than Gurdjieff because of immediate compassion and non-judgment of Vitvitskaia?

4) Choose one of the three topics and write about it.

Essay Topic 2

1) Describe the anecdote Gurdjieff tells entitled "The Conversation of the Two Sparrows". What is the lesson contained in the anecdote?

2) What did Gurdjieff think were the shortcomings of the contemporary literature of his day?

3) Recount the story of the family who died from eating poison sausages. Who caused that tragedy and how?

4) Choose one of the above questions and answer it in as much detail as possible.

Essay Topic 3

1) What are some of the devices the Seeker of the Truth comes up with in order to cross the Gobi desert?

2) Where does Soloviev die and how?

3) Who is Ekim Bey, where does Gurdjieff meet him?

4) Choose one of the three topics and write on it.

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