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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Gurdjieff meet Professor Skridlov for the second time and what do they do?
(a) They meet on Patmos and explore antiquities.
(b) They meet in Thebes and they excavate a tomb together.
(c) THey meet in Russia and discuss their travels.
(d) They meet in Armenia and search for old parchments.

2. What are Skirlov and Gurdjieff invited to visit by the man they meet in Afridis who speaks Greek with Gurdjieff?
(a) a monastery run by the World Brotherhood deep in Asia
(b) an old Armenian shrine
(c) a secret school for whirling dervishes
(d) the isle of Patmos where St. John had a revelation

3. For whom is Gurdjieff working when he first meets Prince Ludbovedsky?
(a) for his father
(b) for the English on a ship anchored at Alexandria
(c) for the Russian archaeologist Skridlov
(d) for Dean Borsh

4. How did Gurdjieff and Karpenko meet the girl they both fell in love with?
(a) She was the sister of one of their friends.
(b) She was the daughter of their tutor.
(c) She attended the same school they attended.
(d) She sold flowers in the marketplace.

5. What did Ekim Bey write in a later letter to Gurdjieff?
(a) He wrote that he was traveling to Egypt .
(b) He wrote that he had joined the military.
(c) He wrote that he had become a dervish.
(d) He wrote he was a physician and would like to visit Gurdjieff

Short Answer Questions

1. What school was Ekim Bey attending when Gurdjieff met him?

2. What had Soloviev been at one time?

3. Whom do Gurdjieff and Skridlov meet in Afridis?

4. What was one of Yelov's peculiar habits?

5. What is one of the conclusions Gurdjieff came to which he shares with the reader at the end of Chapter 8?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Ekim Bey's father indebted to Gurdjieff?

2. How does Karpenko die?

3. What does Ekim Bey later study that brings in money?

4. When does Gurdjieff meet Skridlov for the second time and what happens?

5. Where does Ekim Bey show up four years after he first meets Gurdjieff and what happens there?

6. What do Gurdjieff and his friends decide to do together?

7. Where does Gurdjieff meet Professor Skridlov and under what circumstances?

8. How does Gurdjieff corner the local market in plaster casts?

9. What degree does Karpenko with?

10. Whom does Gurdjieff promise the Prince to escort from Constantinople to Russia and what does he think of that person when he meets her?

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