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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the two travelers do after their thirst for knowledge is satisfied ?
(a) They decide to become monks.
(b) They fall into a deep depression.
(c) They return to Russia and their families
(d) They start a school to teach what they have learned.

2. What had Soloviev been at one time?
(a) a beggar
(b) a wealthy cattle herder
(c) a post office employee
(d) a priest

3. Who wound up with the girl, Gurdjieff or Karpenko?
(a) neither, they both lost interest in her
(b) Another one of their friends who was a neighbor of hers
(c) Gurdjieff because he played the guitar
(d) Karpenko because he brought her sweets and flowers

4. Gurjieff didn't see Karpenko after the incident with the girl but when would he hear from him?
(a) He'd receive Christmas presents from him.
(b) He'd hear from him at Easter
(c) He'd receive letters on birthdays and on his Saint's days
(d) He'd receive letters every summer.

5. How did Gurdjieff meet Professor Skridlov?
(a) He worked for him in Armenia.
(b) He studied under him in Alexandropol.
(c) He studied under him in Kars.
(d) He became his guide in Egypt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Abram Yelov's background?

2. Where does Gurdjieff sell paper flowers and what else does he sell there?

3. With whom is Gurdjieff reunited at the monastery and what do they do together?

4. What was Ekim Bey interested in?

5. Whom did Gurdjieff and his friends go out of the way to visit and why?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gurdjieff do in Rome to make money?

2. Where is Yelov and what is he doing when Gurdjieff meets him?

3. What do Gurdjieff and his friends decide to do together?

4. Where does Ekim Bey show up four years after he first meets Gurdjieff and what happens there?

5. From what people is Yelov descended and what characterizes these people?

6. What does Ekim Bey later study that brings in money?

7. How does Gurdjieff corner the local market in plaster casts?

8. What is the bond between Gurdjieff and Yelov?

9. Where does Gurdjieff meet Professor Skridlov and under what circumstances?

10. How does Karpenko die?

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