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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In which towns did Gurdjieff's family live during his childhood?
(a) Baku and Van
(b) Alexandropol and Kars
(c) Kabul and Baku
(d) Karabakh and Alexandropol

2. What was an ashokh which Gurdjieff's father was?
(a) a skilled craftsman in many countries of the Transcaucasia
(b) a musician who played an instrument unique to Turkey
(c) a bard who composed, recited or sang songs, poems, etc.
(d) a farmer owning a large herd of either cattle or sheep

3. On their expedition in search of the school run by the Sarmoung Brotherhood what experience causes Gurdjieff and Pogossian great fear but then hilarious laughter?
(a) fierce threatening dogs sit now quiety when they sit down
(b) a wide river crossing turns out to be extemely shallow
(c) two traveling bandits turn out to be friendly clowns
(d) threatening peasants suddenly start laughing

4. What did Bogachevsky counsel men to do in order to live a moral life?
(a) a man should travel the world and observe people
(b) a man should follow his own conscience and not heed others
(c) a man should try to please others
(d) a man should study many subjects and become educated

5. What was the "Sarmoung"?
(a) A garment worn by an Armenian priest
(b) An ancient scroll from the Dead Sea.
(c) A famous esoteric school which Gurdjieff and Pogassian seek
(d) A city in ancient Mesopotamia

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Gurdjieff and Pogossian happen to meet?

2. Where did the second contest that Gurdjieff witnessed take place?

3. What did Dean Borsh teach Gurdjieff?

4. What position did Gurdjieff's first tutor hold?

5. How did Gurdjieff and Pogossian secure passage on a ship to Egypt?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Gurdjieff's criticism of contemporary journalism?

2. What does Gurdjieff mean by "word prostitution" in his criticism of contemporary literature?

3. What are Gurdjiefff's thoughts on the grammars of different languages, who composes them and alters them?

4. When and where did Gurdjieff meet Pogossian?

5. What did Gurdjieff's father do on evenings before Sundays and holidays?

6. What was the story of Gilgamesh?

7. Which two animals does Gurdjieff think each man should embody and why?

8. Describe the Essene Brotherhood.

9. Describe an ashokh.

10. What did Father Borsh devote his spare time to?

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