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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the other name Bogachevsky goes by?
(a) Father Essene
(b) Brother Peter
(c) Father Evlissi
(d) Abbot of Kars

2. What did Bogachevsky counsel men to do in order to live a moral life?
(a) a man should try to please others
(b) a man should study many subjects and become educated
(c) a man should follow his own conscience and not heed others
(d) a man should travel the world and observe people

3. What did Pogossian look like?
(a) He was small, dark and clean-shaven.
(b) He was of medium height, dark , with a small moustache.
(c) He was tall, fair-haired with a full beard.
(d) He was fat with a ruddy complexion and wore glasses.

4. What was the "Sarmoung"?
(a) A city in ancient Mesopotamia
(b) An ancient scroll from the Dead Sea.
(c) A garment worn by an Armenian priest
(d) A famous esoteric school which Gurdjieff and Pogassian seek

5. Where did Gurdjieff''s father come from?
(a) from an Egyptian family who moved to Alexandropol
(b) from a Russian family who fled from Russia during hard times
(c) from a Greek family who had fled from the Turks in Byzantium
(d) from a Persian family living in Armenia

Short Answer Questions

1. What state did Gurdjieff experience, according to Mullah Nassr Eddin's words, after many sleepless nights?

2. With whom did Bogachevsky share lodgings?

3. What was an ashokh which Gurdjieff's father was?

4. What did Pogossian's parents do for a living?

5. Gurdjieff intended to write his book in accordance with what counsel for living employed by Mullah Nassr Eddin?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Father Borsh, Gurdjieff's first tutor, think of the experiment in spiritualism using the table?

2. What does Gurdjieff criticize contemporary people for and why?

3. Describe Bogachevsky.

4. How did Gurdjieff happen to see the famous ashokhs of those days?

5. What was Gurdjieff's father's view on the aim of life?

6. Why did Gurdjieff go to Alexandropol?

7. Who were the Imastun brethren?

8. Which two animals does Gurdjieff think each man should embody and why?

9. What did Gurdjieff's father do on evenings before Sundays and holidays?

10. What important discovery did Gurdjieff and Pogossian make in the rubble of the underground passages of the ancient churches near Alexandropol?

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