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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Between what ages did Father Borsh feel females were fully developed?
(a) between the ages of sixteen and twenty
(b) between the ages of fifteen and twenty-one
(c) between the ages of fifteen and nineteen
(d) between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one

2. Why does Gurdjieff criticize newspaper literary critics?
(a) they earn too much money for the work they do
(b) He is jealoous of them
(c) they can't write well
(d) they fool easily suggestible people and are deceitful

3. When did Gurdjieff meet Pogossian and become friends with him?
(a) in Baku on a trip
(b) in Paldevan during his vacation
(c) in Kars during his childhood
(d) when Pogossian was finishing his seminary studies

4. How did Gurdjieff's father lose his fortune as the richest cattle owner in Armenia?
(a) He was a bad breeder and couldn't care for his cattle
(b) He lost his cattle gambling
(c) A rival cattle owner stole most of his cattle
(d) a widespread cattle plague

5. What subjects did Ponomarenko teach Gurdjieff?
(a) philosophy and Turkish
(b) Russian and geography
(c) mathematics and history
(d) geography and history

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Dean Borsh teach Gurdjieff?

2. How did Gurdjieff view his father?

3. What did Pogossian's parents do for a living?

4. In which towns did Gurdjieff's family live during his childhood?

5. What was Pogossian bitten by?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened two years later when Pogossian returned to Kars where was was to be ordained?

2. When and where did Gurdjieff meet Pogossian?

3. What did Father Borsh devote his spare time to?

4. Describe the Essene Brotherhood.

5. What does Gurdjieff mean by "word prostitution" in his criticism of contemporary literature?

6. What experiment did Bogachevsky and his friends make to prove the validity of spiritualism?

7. What did Father Borsh, Gurdjieff's first tutor, think of the experiment in spiritualism using the table?

8. Which two animals does Gurdjieff think each man should embody and why?

9. Who was Gurdjieff's first tutor and what position did he hold?

10. Why do Gurdjieff and Pogossian travel to Alexandropol?

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