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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Prince Lubovedsky's search take him first?
(a) to the Gobi desert
(b) to Egypt
(c) to Kars
(d) to Alexandropol

2. For whom is Gurdjieff working when he first meets Prince Ludbovedsky?
(a) for the Russian archaeologist Skridlov
(b) for Dean Borsh
(c) for the English on a ship anchored at Alexandria
(d) for his father

3. How was Yelov considered by his family?
(a) as the favorite son
(b) as the baby of the family
(c) as the black sheep
(d) as the best-educated in the family

4. What are Skirlov and Gurdjieff invited to visit by the man they meet in Afridis who speaks Greek with Gurdjieff?
(a) an old Armenian shrine
(b) a monastery run by the World Brotherhood deep in Asia
(c) the isle of Patmos where St. John had a revelation
(d) a secret school for whirling dervishes

5. What do Gurdjieff and Skridlov do to be accepted in Bukara where Europeans are hated?
(a) They decide to disguise themselves as whirling dervishes
(b) They grow beards in order to pose as holy men
(c) They take lots of money to bribe people
(d) They decide to convert to Islam

6. What did the dervish disapprove of that Gurdjieff did?
(a) He disapproved of Gurdjieff's clothing
(b) He disapproved of Gurdjieff's way of speaking
(c) He disapproved of Gurdjieff's deceitfulness
(d) He disapproved Gurdjieff's practice of Hatha Yoga

7. What proposal did Prince Lubovedsky make to Gurdjieff and his friends?
(a) to join him on a big expedition
(b) to visit him in Russia
(c) to travel to Egypt with him to search for pre-sand treasure
(d) to join with him in psychic experiments

8. Whom do Gurdjieff and Skridlov meet in Afridis?
(a) Father Giovanni
(b) Father Francis
(c) an old Armenian priest
(d) an old Yogi

9. What did Gurdjieff and Yelov have in common?
(a) an interest in becoming wealthy
(b) an interest in women
(c) an interest in books and philosophical questions
(d) an interest in medicine

10. What was Abram Yelov's background?
(a) He was of the Aisor people who had a bad reputation
(b) He was a former student of theology.
(c) He had been a sailor on a Turkish ship.
(d) He had left the military in disgrace.

11. Skidlov and Gurdjieff seek the source of what river together?
(a) the Euphrates
(b) the Volga
(c) the Nile
(d) the Tiber

12. How did Gurdjieff meet Professor Skridlov?
(a) He studied under him in Alexandropol.
(b) He became his guide in Egypt.
(c) He worked for him in Armenia.
(d) He studied under him in Kars.

13. What was one of Yelov's peculiar habits?
(a) hitching up his trousers
(b) humming constantly
(c) reciting ancient Greek poems to everyone he met
(d) twitching his ears

14. Where does Gurdjieff sell paper flowers and what else does he sell there?
(a) In New Bukara where he also sells dyed sparrows.
(b) In Kars where he also sells cardboard guns.
(c) In Alexandropol where he also sells pencil boxes.
(d) In Rome where he also sells shoes.

15. What had Soloviev been at one time?
(a) a wealthy cattle herder
(b) a post office employee
(c) a beggar
(d) a priest

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Gurdjieff stay in Ekim Bey's house?

2. What were Yelov and Pogossian forever doing to each other?

3. What did Yelov think about his father?

4. What does Gurdjieff do in Rome?

5. What finally happened to Yelov?

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