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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would Gurdjieff's father do on evenings before Sundays and holidays?
(a) go to bed late
(b) write letters to his friends
(c) tell stories to his children
(d) lay out his clothes for Sunday

2. What was the "Sarmoung"?
(a) A famous esoteric school which Gurdjieff and Pogassian seek
(b) An ancient scroll from the Dead Sea.
(c) A garment worn by an Armenian priest
(d) A city in ancient Mesopotamia

3. What phenomenon do Bogachevsky and his friends experiment with?
(a) "table turning"--laying hands on a table and asking it questions
(b) summoning spirits from the dead using a medium
(c) disappearing rabbits
(d) divining people's names by holding their hands

4. Who was the fortuneteller whom Gurdjieff's aunt consulted?
(a) the psychic, Feodor Moussorsky
(b) the half-wit, Nicolai Brandikoff
(c) the half-wit, Eoung-Ashokh Mardiross
(d) the idiot , Ivan Ivanovich

5. Gurdjieff changed his custom of drinking armagnac from liqueur glasses to drinking from what kind of glass?
(a) champagne glasses
(b) shot glasses
(c) wine glasses
(d) tumblers

6. What was Pogossian bitten by?
(a) a malaria mosquito
(b) a viper
(c) a Kurd sheep dog
(d) a big yellow phalanga, a kind of tarantula

7. What did Father Borsh look like?
(a) He was tall and big-boned with an intelligent face
(b) He was tall and thin, with a fine-looking face
(c) He was large and robust with a ruddy complexion
(d) He was short and fat and wore glasses

8. Why does Gurdjieff criticize newspaper literary critics?
(a) they can't write well
(b) He is jealoous of them
(c) they fool easily suggestible people and are deceitful
(d) they earn too much money for the work they do

9. How did the stories Gurdjieff's father told him influence him in his later life?
(a) they were a constant reminder of his father and his father's goodness
(b) he remembered them when he suffered from insomnia
(c) they were a spiritualizing factor, enabling him to comprehend the incomprehensible
(d) he told them to his own children

10. What subjects did Ponomarenko teach Gurdjieff?
(a) philosophy and Turkish
(b) Russian and geography
(c) mathematics and history
(d) geography and history

11. Gurdjieff read books on various subjects written in what languages?
(a) Greek, Hebrew and Turko-Tartar
(b) Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek
(c) Greek, Turkish and Latin
(d) Greek, Armenian and Russian

12. Why did people think Dean Borsh was peculiar?
(a) He wore outlandish clothes.
(b) He was afraid of cats.
(c) He spoke in riddles.
(d) His views were odd and though rich, he lived in one room.

13. What was Ani?
(a) the city where Pogossian met his future wife.
(b) the ancient Armenian capital, 30 miles from Alexandropol.
(c) the city where Gurdjieff was born
(d) the city where Alexander the Great was born.

14. What did Sokolov teach Gurdjieff?
(a) mathematics and geography
(b) physics and mathematics
(c) Scripture and history
(d) anatomy and physiology

15. What treasure did Gurdjieff secretly get from the Armenian priest?
(a) a copy he makes from an ancient map of "pre-sand Egypt"
(b) a copy of an ancient Armenian parchment
(c) an ancient parchment with esoteric secrets
(d) an ancient map of Armenian treasure caves

Short Answer Questions

1. Besides having an accident with a firearm, what other prediction of the fortuneteller came true about Gurdjieff?

2. What is the title of the anecdote Gurdjieff uses to show the inferiority of modern life to ancient wisdom showing that modern life and literature are poison to the human race.

3. Where did Gurdjieff witness his third ashokh contest?

4. What did Gurdjieff and Pogossian pursue together?

5. What had Gurdjieff promised himself to do after completing his first series of writing?

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