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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What legend did Gurdjieff's father and Dean Borsh discuss all night while Gurdjieff and his uncle listened to them?
(a) the legend of "the Creation of the World"
(b) the legend of " The Lost City of Babul"
(c) the legend of "the Secret of the Gobi Desert"
(d) the legend of the "Flood before the Flood"

2. In whose house did Gurdjieff and Pogossian stay in the city of N?
(a) in the house of a Kurdish shepherd
(b) in the house of a Russian prince
(c) in the house of an Armenian farmer
(d) in the house of an Armenian priest

3. Where did Gurdjieff witness his third ashokh contest?
(a) Kabul in the region of Afghanistan
(b) Istanbul in Turkey
(c) Teheran in Persia
(d) Subatan in the region of Kars

4. What did Sokolov teach Gurdjieff?
(a) physics and mathematics
(b) mathematics and geography
(c) anatomy and physiology
(d) Scripture and history

5. What did Father Borsh look like?
(a) He was tall and big-boned with an intelligent face
(b) He was large and robust with a ruddy complexion
(c) He was short and fat and wore glasses
(d) He was tall and thin, with a fine-looking face

6. What did Pogossian's parents do for a living?
(a) His father was a potter, his mother a seamstress.
(b) His father was a dyer, his mother an embroideress in gold
(c) His father was a teacher, his mother a laundress.
(d) His father was a merchant, his mother a housewife.

7. Where did Gurdjieff''s father come from?
(a) from a Persian family living in Armenia
(b) from a Russian family who fled from Russia during hard times
(c) from a Greek family who had fled from the Turks in Byzantium
(d) from an Egyptian family who moved to Alexandropol

8. Where did the second contest that Gurdjieff witnessed take place?
(a) Baku in Turkey
(b) Istanbul in Turkey
(c) Bagdad
(d) Karabakh in Azerbaijan

9. What was Ani?
(a) the city where Alexander the Great was born.
(b) the city where Pogossian met his future wife.
(c) the ancient Armenian capital, 30 miles from Alexandropol.
(d) the city where Gurdjieff was born

10. Who, in Gurdjieff's opinion, invents the grammar of languages?
(a) learned, well-educated grammarians
(b) people who are on a lower level than ordinary simple people
(c) university professors
(d) linguists

11. What did Gurdjieff dream of specializing in?
(a) He dreamed of technical specialization.
(b) He dreamed of becoming a writer.
(c) He dreamed of medical specialization.
(d) He dreamed of the spiritual specialization of the priesthood.

12. What was Gurdjieff's purpose in traveling to Echmiadzin?
(a) He sought answers to questions of supernatural phenomena.
(b) He was visiting relatives.
(c) He was on holiday.
(d) He was looking for work since he was out of money.

13. What is it impossible to do even if one is an excellent linguist?
(a) dream in a foreign language
(b) think in a foreign language while speaking one's native tongue
(c) speak like a native in a foreign language.
(d) speak more than five languages fluently

14. What did Dean Borsh teach Gurdjieff?
(a) geography and other subjects
(b) history and other subjects
(c) Scripture and other subjects
(d) mathematics and other subjects

15. What is the title of the anecdote Gurdjieff uses to show the inferiority of modern life to ancient wisdom showing that modern life and literature are poison to the human race.
(a) "The Conversation of Two Crows"
(b) "The Conversation of the Two Sparrows"
(c) "The Conversation of Two Robins"
(d) "The Conversation of Two Swallows"

Short Answer Questions

1. What state did Gurdjieff experience, according to Mullah Nassr Eddin's words, after many sleepless nights?

2. What did Father Borsh think that the gratification of lust before adulthood would do to a youth?

3. What did Gurdjieff's aunt warn him about?

4. Which two animals did Gurdjieff feel a man should embody?

5. With whom did Bogachevsky share lodgings?

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