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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Bogachevsy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who, in Gurdjieff's opinion, invents the grammar of languages?
(a) linguists
(b) university professors
(c) learned, well-educated grammarians
(d) people who are on a lower level than ordinary simple people

2. How did Gurdjieff 's father react when misfortunes befell him?
(a) He cursed God and his fate
(b) He sought comfort from his friends and family
(c) He wept and wailed
(d) He had an inner calm and detachment

3. How many books had Gurdjieff first planned to write ?
(a) thirty-four
(b) thirty-one
(c) thirty-two
(d) thirty-six

4. What would Gurdjieff's father do on evenings before Sundays and holidays?
(a) tell stories to his children
(b) go to bed late
(c) write letters to his friends
(d) lay out his clothes for Sunday

5. What did Gurdjieff propose to do in his second book, "Meetings with Remarkable Men"?
(a) build up his ego, describing all his accomplishments
(b) write a sort of travel log of his travels through exotic lands
(c) write an entertaining book, enjoyable to everyone
(d) create a consciousness devoid of illusions in people like himself

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the stories Gurdjieff's father told him influence him in his later life?

2. What did Father Borsh think that the gratification of lust before adulthood would do to a youth?

3. Between what ages did Father Borsh feel a male was fully developed?

4. With whom did Bogachevsky share lodgings?

5. What legend did Gurdjieff's father and Dean Borsh discuss all night while Gurdjieff and his uncle listened to them?

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