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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, Prince Yuri Lubovedsky.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Pogossian do after graduating from the seminary?
(a) He became a teacher at the seminary.
(b) He left the church and studied languages.
(c) He worked with Gurdjieff at the railway station as a locksmith
(d) He married and became a priest with his own parish.

2. What did Gurdjieff and Pogossian pursue together?
(a) They pursued a career in agriculture.
(b) They became interested in ancient Armenian books.
(c) They decided to pursue medical careers together.
(d) They studied the Scriptures together.

3. When did Gurdjieff meet Bogachevsky?
(a) when Bogachevsky was young and about to become a priest
(b) when Bogachevsky was ill
(c) when Bogachevsky was old and intending to retire
(d) when Gurdjieff traveled to Russia

4. Why was the lumber yard that Gurdjieff's father opened a failure?
(a) People were poor and couldn't afford lumber
(b) Gurdjieff's father had too many enemies and not enough customers
(c) His father had no business experience and was too honest
(d) A disease attacked the forests in the area

5. In which towns did Gurdjieff's family live during his childhood?
(a) Kabul and Baku
(b) Karabakh and Alexandropol
(c) Baku and Van
(d) Alexandropol and Kars

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Sokolov teach Gurdjieff?

2. Where does Prince Lubovedsky's search take him first?

3. How does Gurdjieff first meet Dean Borsh?

4. When did Gurdjieff meet Pogossian and become friends with him?

5. What legend did Gurdjieff's father and Dean Borsh discuss all night while Gurdjieff and his uncle listened to them?

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