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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, Piotr Karpenko.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How and where did Karpenko meet an untimely death?
(a) on a trip to Egypt he was bitten by an asp
(b) on a trip across the Gobi desert he was bitten by a camel
(c) on a trip through the Himalayas he died in an avalanche
(d) on a trip through the Himalayas he was wounded by natives

2. What subjects did Ponomarenko teach Gurdjieff?
(a) geography and history
(b) mathematics and history
(c) Russian and geography
(d) philosophy and Turkish

3. Between what ages did Father Borsh feel a male was fully developed?
(a) between the ages of nineteen and twenty-one
(b) between the ages of eighteen and twenty
(c) between the ages of twenty and twenty-three
(d) between the ages of nineteen and twenty-two

4. Why was Tiflis a good city for Gurdjieff 's purposes?
(a) He was able to obtain any rare book in any language.
(b) There were psychics there who understood phenomena.
(c) There were many ruins around the city for him to explore.
(d) Many seances were held by mediums in the city.

5. What did Gurdjieff and Yelov have in common?
(a) an interest in medicine
(b) an interest in becoming wealthy
(c) an interest in books and philosophical questions
(d) an interest in women

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon Yelov's suggestion what scheme did Gurdjieff devise for making a lot of money?

2. What did Yelov have a great talent for?

3. Gurjieff didn't see Karpenko after the incident with the girl but when would he hear from him?

4. What finally happened to Yelov?

5. What were Yelov and Pogossian forever doing to each other?

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