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Short Story

Write a short story in which you are the hero or heroine and are an adventurer like the characters in the book . You could also take Indiana

Jones in the well-known movies as a model. Describe the adventures you experience, the dangers you overcome miraculously and

create a happy, satisfying ending.


Obtain maps of Africa and Asia and trace some of the trips or expeditions Gurdjieff and the Seekers of Truth went on. Often in the book, Gurdjieff

mentions the present location of the former city which he visited. But once again, maps are changing constantly, borders of countries are

changing, so you'll have to be intuitive and creative when you trace what you think were the routes Gurdjieff and his friends took on their travels.


Make a facsimile of the costume the whirling dervishes wear. There are still whirling dervishes in Turkey today...

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