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G. I. Gurdjieff

A man of curiosity for the world and for spirituality who witnesses several events in his youth that cannot be explained satisfactorily and travels the world on a quest to learn answers to his many questions about life and spirituality.

Gurdjieff's Father

A very honest man who is known as an ashokh who sings and recites the ancient oral-tradition literature, including the legend of Gilgamesh from Babylon.

Dean Borsh (Father Borsh)

Gurdjieff's first tutor.

Bogachevsky (Father Evlissi)

One of Gurdjieff's other teachers who exposes him to the idea of spirits.

Captain Pogossian (Sarkis Pogossian)

A good friend of Gurdjieff's who shares a mutual curiosity about spirituality with him.

Abram Yelov

A good friend of Gurdjieff's who sells books in Tiflis while Gurdjieff researches ancient literature.

Prince Yuri Lubovedsky

A man interested in contacting the spirit world after his wife's death in childbirth.


A man...

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