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Chapter 1, Introduction

• Gurdjieff explains the purpose of the book and tells how it relates to the first book he wrote.
• Gurdjieff criticizes contemporary literature and literary critics. He gives specific examples of exactly why he has good reason to criticize them and contemporary journalism in general.

• Gurdjieff lists the nine questions most frequently asked him by people of various classes and educational backgrounds. The first

• question is "What remarkable men have I met? That's the general topic of the book which is a kind of autobiography.

Chapter 2, My Father

• Gurdjieff describes ashokhs and the contests he witnessed as a child.
• Gurdjieff writes about the Imastun Brotherhood, their civilization and how they practiced astrology.
• Gurdjieff describes his father and also tells what he learned from him such as the four commandments a boy should follow which would result in a happy life.

Chapter 3, My First Tutor

• Gurdjieff describes Dean...

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