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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Tutor's belief about people?

2. Why does Jason say Medea is lucky?

3. Why does Jason say dealing with Medea is hopeless?

4. Who is the first character to appear in the play?

5. Why does Jason claim Medea should think his plan is good?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Medea doubt her ability to trust Aegeus?

2. How does Creon's compassion set up a contrast against the behavior of the protagonist?

3. Why do you think the chorus is made entirely of Corinthian women?

4. Does Jason's sudden concern for his children in the final scene seem consistent with the rest of the play? Why or why not?

5. Medea is clearly a very proud character, so what do you think motivates her to beg Creon on her knees for more time before being forced into exile?

6. The ode from the chorus after Medea's monologue seems a bit misplaced, as though they are not speaking about Medea at all. What do you think is the purpose of this choral piece?

7. Is there merit to Medea's final justification to the chorus about why she must kill her children? Why or why not?

8. Does the Nurse find Medea sympathetic? Why or why not?

9. Why does the King of Corinth think it is a good idea to send Medea into exile?

10. Why would people want to harm the children for Medea's crimes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Aegeus introduces the concept of an oracle to the play. Examine the role of the oracle and the important role this concept plays within the context of the play.

Essay Topic 2

Creon has a small amount of time on-stage, and yet his presence is important throughout the play. Discuss the importance of Creon as a character and thematic support within the play.

Essay Topic 3

It appears as though, sympathetic or not, Medea is representing a type of "Everywoman" character. Argue for whether you believe Medea does or does not effectively represent an "Everywoman", using specific supporting details from the text to support your argument.

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