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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Aegeus think of the oracle's reply to his question?
(a) He was frightened.
(b) He believes it must be true.
(c) He thinks it's probably wrong.
(d) He didn't understand it.

2. Where does the princess start bleeding from?
(a) Her feet.
(b) Her hands.
(c) Internally.
(d) Her head.

3. Why is Aegeus near Medea's house?
(a) He came to cheer Medea up.
(b) He heard Medea had threatened the king.
(c) Jason asked him to stop by and talk to Medea.
(d) He's on his way to see another friend.

4. What excuse does Medea give for her tears when she is looking at Jason with her children?
(a) That she remembers when Jason held her own hand so tenderly.
(b) That she is imagining them reaching out to heaven in the distant future.
(c) That she will miss having her family all together.
(d) That her children's love is so pure it makes her weep.

5. What occupies the majority of Part 6?
(a) The chorus encouraging Medea to flea before she is caught.
(b) The story about Medea's revenge.
(c) Medea killing her children.
(d) Medea's goodbye to her family.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom else does Medea decide to kill after Aegeus leaves?

2. What does the chorus think about Jason and Medea's futures once her plans are carried out?

3. What does Medea promise Jason she will do after she sees him the second time?

4. Why does the chorus feel how it does for the princess?

5. What does Medea want to know about the deaths she caused?

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