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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the chorus think about Medea's plan for her children?
(a) That she has lost her mind and must be stopped.
(b) That she will not be able to carry it out in the moment.
(c) That it's the only thing she could do.
(d) That it makes perfect sense given the circumstance.

2. What justification does Medea give for being upset when her children return from seeing their father?
(a) She misses having her whole family together.
(b) She is grieving that she will soon leave them behind.
(c) She is so happy that she weeps.
(d) She can see their father in their faces.

3. What does Medea have to do in order to stay with Aegeus?
(a) Kill Jason and his new wife.
(b) Make it to his kingdom on her own.
(c) Translate the prophecy from the oracle.
(d) Get Creon's permission.

4. What excuse does Medea give for her tears when she is looking at Jason with her children?
(a) That she is imagining them reaching out to heaven in the distant future.
(b) That her children's love is so pure it makes her weep.
(c) That she will miss having her family all together.
(d) That she remembers when Jason held her own hand so tenderly.

5. Where does the princess start bleeding from?
(a) Her feet.
(b) Her head.
(c) Her hands.
(d) Internally.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Creon poisoned?

2. Why did Aegeus visit the oracle?

3. How does the chorus feel about Jason after hearing of the deaths?

4. Why is Medea so happy when Aegeus leaves?

5. What does Medea say is the only thing stronger than her sorrow?

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