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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did the Tutor overhear making plans?
(a) Aegeus.
(b) Creon.
(c) Medea.
(d) Jason.

2. What function does the chorus's ode serve after the fight between Medea and Creon?
(a) It gives time for a scene change.
(b) It illuminates the subtext behind the relationship between the two.
(c) It offers more exposition to explain what is happening.
(d) It gives the audience a breather from the intensity of the scene.

3. Why does Jason say dealing with Medea is hopeless?
(a) She won't ever tell him what she really thinks.
(b) He loves her too much to hurt her.
(c) She is too stubborn and outspoken.
(d) He can't understand her through her thick accent.

4. What prevents Creon from helping Medea or seeing her point of view?
(a) His beliefs about women and their role in society.
(b) His strong friendship with Jason.
(c) His desire to rid his kingdom of a foreign menace.
(d) His love for his daughter and desire to see her happy.

5. Why is Medea being banished?
(a) Jason's new wife doesn't like having her around.
(b) Creon is afraid of her and what she'll do.
(c) Creon doesn't like her because she's a foreigner.
(d) She has had an affair and that is the punishment.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who explains why Medea is crying to the chorus?

2. What stands in the way of Medea enacting her plans immediately?

3. Why does Medea promise she won't hurt Creon?

4. Why does Medea claim she is refusing Jason's money?

5. What does Jason think influences women's judgment?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the primary differences between Jason and Medea during their argument?

2. Why would people want to harm the children for Medea's crimes?

3. How does Creon's compassion set up a contrast against the behavior of the protagonist?

4. Given that the audience would typically know the story before going to a play, why do you think the author chose to begin the play with heavy exposition?

5. Is Medea reacting truthfully during the entire fight, or is she setting Jason up for her ultimate revenge?

6. What makes Medea's anger and despair seem so untoward to the Chorus?

7. Does the descriptions of the poison's effect lend credence to the idea that it was magical in nature?

8. Why do you think the chorus is made entirely of Corinthian women?

9. Why does Medea doubt her ability to trust Aegeus?

10. Why do you think Euripides chooses to portray Jason as completely cavalier to the effect of his behavior on Medea?

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