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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Nurse feel is best for people?
(a) Getting anger out so it doesn't fester.
(b) Expressing feelings openly and without reserve.
(c) Moderation in all things.
(d) Open and honest communication.

2. What does the chorus comment that they can hear in Medea's cries?
(a) Anger.
(b) Venom.
(c) Hatred.
(d) Pain.

3. What goddess does Medea invoke as she plans her revenge?
(a) Hera.
(b) Hecate.
(c) Aphrodite.
(d) Artemis.

4. Why does Jason say Medea is lucky?
(a) She has two children to take with her so she won't be lonely.
(b) He thinks she should be executed for threatening the King.
(c) Her husband is still willing to provide for her when she leaves.
(d) She doesn't have to worry about how to provide for a family.

5. Who does Medea plan to take revenge against?
(a) Her children, Creon and Aegeus.
(b) Jason, his new wife, and Creon.
(c) The Nurse, Jason, and the chorus.
(d) Jason, the Nurse, and the Tutor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Jason said is his intent with regard to his children?

2. What bargain does Medea strike with Creon?

3. What two characters are getting divorced?

4. What stands in the way of Medea enacting her plans immediately?

5. How did Medea save Jason's life?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do you think, with the chorus being so sympathetic to Medea, that it undercuts her claims that her life is more difficult because she is a foreigner? Why or why not?

2. Does the Nurse find Medea sympathetic? Why or why not?

3. How does the King of Corinth model the theme of selfishness that Euripides introduces in the first scene?

4. What function does the chorus of Corinthian women serve?

5. Why does Medea doubt her ability to trust Aegeus?

6. Is there any indication that, as Medea claims, the gods know the crimes Jason has committed against her?

7. Why is a messenger used to describe how Creon and the princess die?

8. Why is it significant that Medea is overcome with tears when she puts the children's hands into Jason's?

9. Why do you think Medea lies to Jason when he returns with the Nurse?

10. What does the argument between Jason and Medea reveal about their marriage?

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