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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What plot problem does Aegeus solve in his scene?
(a) Introducing the concept of prophecies and oracles.
(b) Showing that not all men are selfish.
(c) Giving Medea a place to run to after her revenge.
(d) Proving that Medea actually does have friends.

2. The chorus invokes what gods to stop Medea from harming her children?
(a) The gods of motherhood and travelers.
(b) The gods of the earth and sun.
(c) The gods of mercy and justice.
(d) The gods of vengeance and peace.

3. What role does Medea think she should play in Jason's new marriage?
(a) She should give away the groom.
(b) She should sew the dress.
(c) She should give away the bride.
(d) She should help to plan it.

4. What does the princess do as soon as she receives her gifts from Medea?
(a) Kisses Jason.
(b) Puts them on.
(c) Sends a message to her father.
(d) Throws them away.

5. Why is Medea so happy when Aegeus leaves?
(a) Now she can carry out her revenge.
(b) She feels better after speaking with a friend.
(c) She is secretly in love with him.
(d) He promised not to tell her plans to Creon.

6. Why doesn't Aegeus want to risk offending Creon?
(a) Because they are related.
(b) Because Creon has a large army.
(c) Because they've been friends since childhood.
(d) Because he is a fellow king.

7. According to the chorus, who is the only other woman to have killed her own child?
(a) Ino.
(b) Astrid.
(c) Apollymi.
(d) Nefertiti.

8. Why does Medea call her children out during her second scene with Jason?
(a) So that she won't attack him.
(b) To tell their father what they learned during their lessons.
(c) So he can say goodbye to them before they leave the country.
(d) To remind him of his love for his children.

9. What does Jason tell his children when he sees them?
(a) That they will have a new mother soon.
(b) He will miss them when they leave forever.
(c) To mind their Nurse and mother.
(d) He is making plans for their care.

10. How does Medea feel when she hears how her plan worked?
(a) She rejoices.
(b) She is angry that she was brought to this.
(c) She is remorseful.
(d) She has no reaction.

11. What might motivate the kings to come after Medea even if she's under Aegeus' protection?
(a) Hatred for all foreigners.
(b) To get revenge against her for killing Jason and the princess.
(c) Jealousy over her beauty and resources being used by Aegeus.
(d) A desire to claim her sorcery for their own uses.

12. What does the princess do after trying out her new gifts?
(a) Hugs her father in joy.
(b) Tries to get Jason to leave with her.
(c) Tells her courtiers to leave.
(d) Looks in the mirror at her "lifeless image".

13. What does Medea say is the only thing stronger than her sorrow?
(a) Her love.
(b) Her resolve.
(c) Her fury.
(d) Her magic.

14. What occupies the majority of Part 6?
(a) The story about Medea's revenge.
(b) The chorus encouraging Medea to flea before she is caught.
(c) Medea killing her children.
(d) Medea's goodbye to her family.

15. What excuse does Medea give for her tears when she is looking at Jason with her children?
(a) That she is imagining them reaching out to heaven in the distant future.
(b) That she remembers when Jason held her own hand so tenderly.
(c) That her children's love is so pure it makes her weep.
(d) That she will miss having her family all together.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Aegeus swear an oath to Medea?

2. Whom else does Medea decide to kill after Aegeus leaves?

3. What does Medea have to do in order to stay with Aegeus?

4. What happens when Medea puts her children's hands in Jason's?

5. What prophecy does the Messenger offer?

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