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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What plot problem does Aegeus solve in his scene?
(a) Introducing the concept of prophecies and oracles.
(b) Giving Medea a place to run to after her revenge.
(c) Showing that not all men are selfish.
(d) Proving that Medea actually does have friends.

2. Who tells Medea about Creon and his daughter?
(a) A messenger.
(b) The Nurse.
(c) The Tutor.
(d) Jason.

3. What does Medea give Jason for his bride?
(a) A final kiss to remember her.
(b) A bouquet for his bride.
(c) An enchanted dress and crown.
(d) The promise that she will not seek revenge.

4. How does the chorus feel about Jason after hearing of the deaths?
(a) That he may not recover from his grief.
(b) That he should have seen through Medea.
(c) That he will need comfort from friends.
(d) That he deserves the pain.

5. How long should it take the princess to die?
(a) It depends on how much poison she ingests.
(b) Several weeks of illness so it can't be traced.
(c) She should die as soon as she comes into contact with the poison.
(d) About two or three days.

6. How does Medea convince Jason to give her gifts to his new wife?
(a) She says it will help convince the princess to let the children stay.
(b) She says it's the only way to keep her from attending the wedding.
(c) She claims she can't let go of Jason until she passes the items along.
(d) She says the gifts are a symbol of her goodwill and refusing would insult her.

7. What does Medea fear her enemies will do to her children?
(a) Nothing, children are sacred in ancient Greece.
(b) Kill them.
(c) Sell them into slavery.
(d) Take them away from her.

8. What wins the princess over to being willing to help Jason's children?
(a) Her love for Jason.
(b) Jason's compelling argument.
(c) Creon's advice.
(d) Her gifts from Medea.

9. Why is Medea so happy when Aegeus leaves?
(a) He promised not to tell her plans to Creon.
(b) She feels better after speaking with a friend.
(c) Now she can carry out her revenge.
(d) She is secretly in love with him.

10. Why does the chorus feel how it does for the princess?
(a) She didn't do anything to deserve her death.
(b) She was the favorite child of the crown and loved by her people.
(c) She tried to send Jason back to Medea but he refused.
(d) She wasn't in control of anything that happened.

11. What does the princess do after trying out her new gifts?
(a) Looks in the mirror at her "lifeless image".
(b) Hugs her father in joy.
(c) Tells her courtiers to leave.
(d) Tries to get Jason to leave with her.

12. How long does it take the poison to start working?
(a) It is almost immediate.
(b) Less than an hour.
(c) The poison doesn't work.
(d) A few hours.

13. Who is Aegeus?
(a) Jason's cousin.
(b) An Argonaut.
(c) One of Creon's courtiers.
(d) A friend of Medea's.

14. How is Creon poisoned?
(a) A glass of poisoned wine.
(b) Poison in his food.
(c) By putting on the crown.
(d) By embracing his daughter.

15. What does the chorus think about Jason and Medea's futures once her plans are carried out?
(a) They will be able to carry on and treat others better.
(b) They will likely both be dead.
(c) They will learn lessons about selfishness.
(d) They will both live lives full of pain.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Medea advised to flee Corinth?

2. How fast do the deaths happen?

3. How does Medea react to the news that her children can stay in Corinth?

4. Why is Aegeus near Medea's house?

5. The chorus invokes what gods to stop Medea from harming her children?

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