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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom does Medea reveal her complete plan for revenge?
(a) Jason.
(b) Creon.
(c) The chorus.
(d) Aegeus.

2. Where does the princess start bleeding from?
(a) Her head.
(b) Her hands.
(c) Her feet.
(d) Internally.

3. What did Aegeus think of the oracle's reply to his question?
(a) He thinks it's probably wrong.
(b) He believes it must be true.
(c) He was frightened.
(d) He didn't understand it.

4. How does the poison affect Creon?
(a) He has a psychotic break.
(b) He vomits copiously.
(c) His flesh falls from his bones.
(d) He breaks out in boils all over his body.

5. Why doesn't Aegeus want to risk offending Creon?
(a) Because he is a fellow king.
(b) Because they've been friends since childhood.
(c) Because Creon has a large army.
(d) Because they are related.

6. Why does Medea think she might not be able to trust Aegeus?
(a) His wife might become jealous of Medea.
(b) He has lied to her in the past.
(c) She doesn't think any men are trustworthy.
(d) The other kings may persuade him to break his word.

7. What happens when Medea puts her children's hands in Jason's?
(a) She tells them to go with him forever.
(b) They stain Jason's hands with the ink from their lessons.
(c) Jason doesn't want to hold their hands.
(d) She begins crying.

8. What excuse does Medea give for her tears when she is looking at Jason with her children?
(a) That her children's love is so pure it makes her weep.
(b) That she will miss having her family all together.
(c) That she remembers when Jason held her own hand so tenderly.
(d) That she is imagining them reaching out to heaven in the distant future.

9. What role does Medea think she should play in Jason's new marriage?
(a) She should sew the dress.
(b) She should help to plan it.
(c) She should give away the bride.
(d) She should give away the groom.

10. How is Creon poisoned?
(a) A glass of poisoned wine.
(b) Poison in his food.
(c) By putting on the crown.
(d) By embracing his daughter.

11. How well do Medea's enchantments appear to work in the play?
(a) Very well, the targets both die.
(b) Not at all, her reputation was overstated.
(c) Pretty well, everyone gets very ill.
(d) The princess died but not her father.

12. What does Jason tell his children when he sees them?
(a) He is making plans for their care.
(b) That they will have a new mother soon.
(c) To mind their Nurse and mother.
(d) He will miss them when they leave forever.

13. How long should it take the princess to die?
(a) About two or three days.
(b) She should die as soon as she comes into contact with the poison.
(c) Several weeks of illness so it can't be traced.
(d) It depends on how much poison she ingests.

14. What does the princess do after trying out her new gifts?
(a) Tells her courtiers to leave.
(b) Tries to get Jason to leave with her.
(c) Hugs her father in joy.
(d) Looks in the mirror at her "lifeless image".

15. What does Medea promise Jason she will do after she sees him the second time?
(a) Take her children with her when she leaves.
(b) Beg Creon for forgiveness.
(c) Make a bouquet of flowers for his new wife.
(d) Go into exile as ordered.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Medea feel when she hears how her plan worked?

2. What does Medea have to do in order to stay with Aegeus?

3. Who decides on the oath Aegeus swears?

4. What does the poison do to the princess's body?

5. How did the princess first feel when Jason asked her to spare his children?

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