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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Jason said is his intent with regard to his children?
(a) He doesn't intend to help support them.
(b) He wants them to be shipped back to Medea's homeland.
(c) He wants to send them away for military training.
(d) He intends to move them in with him and his new wife.

2. What is the name of Jason's ship?
(a) The Golden Fleece.
(b) The Labyrinth.
(c) The Argo.
(d) The Nautilus.

3. What is the Tutor's belief about people?
(a) They want to find personal peace at whatever cost.
(b) They all love themselves more than others.
(c) They generally are just trying to get along without trouble.
(d) They are good at heart and want to help others.

4. Why would Medea like the gods to place a mark on men?
(a) To remind women none is trustworthy.
(b) To distinguish those that can be trusted from those that can't.
(c) To denote their status as lower than women.
(d) To prevent them from telling lies.

5. According to the chorus, what does excessive love bring?
(a) Destruction of reason.
(b) Pain for everyone involved.
(c) Dangerous passion and foolishness.
(d) Either great happiness or great despair.

6. Why does Medea have no choice but to trust Jason?
(a) A spell was placed on him that makes him tell the truth.
(b) He can get her out of the country alive.
(c) She needs to provide for her children.
(d) He is the only person that speaks her language.

7. What character has the strongest position in Part 3?
(a) Aegeus.
(b) Medea.
(c) Creon.
(d) Jason.

8. Why doesn't Creon trust Medea's reasons for allowing her to stay?
(a) He has heard stories about her and thinks she is a liar.
(b) She sounds too angry to be able to live there peacefully.
(c) He thinks she is clever enough to be manipulative.
(d) They don't sound real to him.

9. Why does Medea promise she won't hurt Creon?
(a) He has been a friend to her and she wouldn't betray his trust.
(b) She is afraid of him and his soldiers.
(c) He is only a father giving away his daughter to a good man.
(d) He is too powerful and if she tried she would surely fail.

10. What did Medea persuade the king's daughters to do in order to let Jason leave with the Fleece?
(a) Help Jason hide from the guards.
(b) Kill their father.
(c) Bribe an official to let him out of the city.
(d) Lie to the town police.

11. Who does Medea plan to take revenge against?
(a) The Nurse, Jason, and the chorus.
(b) Jason, the Nurse, and the Tutor.
(c) Her children, Creon and Aegeus.
(d) Jason, his new wife, and Creon.

12. What attitude does Jason have towards Medea when he appears?
(a) Loving.
(b) Contemptuous.
(c) Angry.
(d) Concerned.

13. What does the chorus tell Medea about men?
(a) They tend to stray but always come back.
(b) They are dangerous to love.
(c) They are never satisfied with just one woman.
(d) They betray women all the time.

14. What characters interrupt the Nurse's monologue?
(a) Creon and his daughter.
(b) The Tutor and children.
(c) Aegeus and Creon.
(d) Jason and his lover.

15. Why does Medea say Creon's mercy was foolish?
(a) Showing mercy is a sign of weakness.
(b) It gives her enough time to break up Jason and his new wife.
(c) One day isn't enough time for her to take care of her children.
(d) One day is enough time to exact her revenge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jason say dealing with Medea is hopeless?

2. Why does Medea think Jason is a coward?

3. What was Jason's mission when he and Medea met?

4. What bargain does Medea strike with Creon?

5. Why does the Nurse send the children inside after hearing the Tutor's news?

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