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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two characters are getting divorced?
(a) Jason and Hecate.
(b) Aegeus and Medea.
(c) Jason and Medea.
(d) Medea and Creon.

2. What does the Nurse feel is best for people?
(a) Moderation in all things.
(b) Expressing feelings openly and without reserve.
(c) Open and honest communication.
(d) Getting anger out so it doesn't fester.

3. What has Creon's experience been with showing mercy?
(a) It makes him many new friends.
(b) It makes him look weak.
(c) It yields large rewards in terms of public opinion.
(d) It gets him into trouble.

4. Medea longs to go to what place that she's forbidden to visit?
(a) Crete.
(b) Athens.
(c) Creon's palace.
(d) Her homeland.

5. Why does Medea feel immigrant women need to work particularly hard?
(a) They are looked down on as second-class citizens.
(b) They are never fully welcome or at home.
(c) They don't know the language and have to overcome the barrier.
(d) They don't have the same rights as citizens.

6. Who explains why Medea is crying to the chorus?
(a) The Nurse.
(b) Medea.
(c) The boys.
(d) The Tutor.

7. What does the chorus do when they learn of Medea's plans for revenge?
(a) Argue with Medea about her plans.
(b) Promise to keep them secret.
(c) Send someone to warn the King.
(d) Protest that she is out of her mind.

8. What word best describes Medea's emotional reaction to Creon?
(a) Contempt.
(b) Anger.
(c) Apathy.
(d) Glee.

9. What would the chorus like Medea to do when they first arrive?
(a) Find a way to revenge herself against her husband.
(b) Go back to her homeland and leave her children behind.
(c) Come out so they can comfort her.
(d) Stop crying and tend her children.

10. In the time the play was written, what would the audience have typically known before coming to the theater?
(a) The names of the actors involved.
(b) When to applaud.
(c) The story of the play.
(d) The end of the story.

11. Who did the Tutor overhear making plans?
(a) Creon.
(b) Jason.
(c) Aegeus.
(d) Medea.

12. What prevents Medea from returning to her homeland?
(a) She is a criminal there.
(b) Her pride.
(c) There is no ship that will go there.
(d) She is forbidden from returning by Creon.

13. According to the chorus, what does excessive love bring?
(a) Pain for everyone involved.
(b) Either great happiness or great despair.
(c) Destruction of reason.
(d) Dangerous passion and foolishness.

14. What does the chorus tell Medea about men?
(a) They betray women all the time.
(b) They are dangerous to love.
(c) They are never satisfied with just one woman.
(d) They tend to stray but always come back.

15. What supernatural ability is Medea said to have?
(a) It's not specifically said, but she is called a witch.
(b) The ability to foretell and change the future.
(c) The ability to curse people to die horribly.
(d) She is able to read thoughts and project her own.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Medea persuade the king's daughters to do in order to let Jason leave with the Fleece?

2. Who is the first character to appear in the play?

3. Who appears to check on Medea after hearing her cries?

4. What does Medea think about women who have been wronged by a lover?

5. Why does the Nurse send the children inside after hearing the Tutor's news?

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