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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Medea think women generally feel?
(a) Fearful and vengeful.
(b) Comforted and happy.
(c) Fearful and defenseless.
(d) Happy and maternal.

2. Why would Medea like the gods to place a mark on men?
(a) To remind women none is trustworthy.
(b) To distinguish those that can be trusted from those that can't.
(c) To denote their status as lower than women.
(d) To prevent them from telling lies.

3. What word best describes Medea's emotional reaction to Creon?
(a) Apathy.
(b) Contempt.
(c) Anger.
(d) Glee.

4. What prevents Medea from returning to her homeland?
(a) There is no ship that will go there.
(b) Her pride.
(c) She is forbidden from returning by Creon.
(d) She is a criminal there.

5. What does Medea think about Jason's argument for his actions?
(a) He is just making excuses for his bad behavior.
(b) He is doing what he needs to save his honor.
(c) He could have had a mistress without getting a divorce.
(d) He has a point about getting more money.

6. What has Creon's experience been with showing mercy?
(a) It yields large rewards in terms of public opinion.
(b) It makes him many new friends.
(c) It makes him look weak.
(d) It gets him into trouble.

7. What is the Tutor's belief about people?
(a) They are good at heart and want to help others.
(b) They all love themselves more than others.
(c) They want to find personal peace at whatever cost.
(d) They generally are just trying to get along without trouble.

8. What did Medea persuade the king's daughters to do in order to let Jason leave with the Fleece?
(a) Help Jason hide from the guards.
(b) Lie to the town police.
(c) Kill their father.
(d) Bribe an official to let him out of the city.

9. What would the chorus like Medea to do when they first arrive?
(a) Come out so they can comfort her.
(b) Find a way to revenge herself against her husband.
(c) Go back to her homeland and leave her children behind.
(d) Stop crying and tend her children.

10. What reaction does the Nurse have to Medea's pain?
(a) She thinks Medea is too emotional.
(b) She pities Medea.
(c) She tells Medea it's her own fault.
(d) She sympathizes but wants Medea to stop crying.

11. Why does Medea promise she won't hurt Creon?
(a) She is afraid of him and his soldiers.
(b) He has been a friend to her and she wouldn't betray his trust.
(c) He is only a father giving away his daughter to a good man.
(d) He is too powerful and if she tried she would surely fail.

12. What does Medea think about the way women are treated by men in Greece?
(a) They are treated well enough.
(b) They are treated with the same tolerance as children.
(c) They are treated very badly in general.
(d) They are treated worse than slaves.

13. Why does Medea have no choice but to trust Jason?
(a) A spell was placed on him that makes him tell the truth.
(b) He can get her out of the country alive.
(c) He is the only person that speaks her language.
(d) She needs to provide for her children.

14. What is Jason's reaction to the plan involving Medea?
(a) He doesn't know what's being plotted.
(b) He is ready to go along with it.
(c) He is furious and stands up for his wife.
(d) He wants to come up with a better plan.

15. What was Jason's mission when he and Medea met?
(a) To find glory and live forever in legend.
(b) To negotiate peace with Thebes.
(c) To find a beautiful wife.
(d) To capture the Golden Fleece.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jason say he has done on Medea's behalf?

2. What theme, central to the play, does the chorus frequently reiterate?

3. Why does Medea say Creon's mercy was foolish?

4. What is the Nurse's reaction when she learns what Jason thinks about the plan involving Medea?

5. What plans are made regarding Medea in order to facilitate the wedding?

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