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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Medea say about the value of being clever?
(a) That it is on par with being moral, and only matters in the eye of the beholder.
(b) That it is the most important skill to get by in life and survive in a strange land.
(c) That it hasn't helped her very much, earning her enemies rather than friends.
(d) That it is something women learn from birth in order to survive the men they meet.

2. What role does Medea think she should play in Jason's new marriage?
(a) She should sew the dress.
(b) She should help to plan it.
(c) She should give away the groom.
(d) She should give away the bride.

3. Whom does Jason intend to marry?
(a) Medea's cousin.
(b) Hecate.
(c) Creon's daughter.
(d) Aegeus's sister.

4. Why does Jason claim Medea should think his plan is good?
(a) It will free her up to pursue love elsewhere.
(b) It will provide funds for her and her children.
(c) She would like it if love weren't a factor.
(d) She will be able to travel like she always wanted.

5. Why does Medea say Jason should forgive her?
(a) She is unable to control her emotions under duress.
(b) He is the father of her children.
(c) She can harm him and his new wife if he doesn't.
(d) She was being a fool but sees better now.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Medea feel immigrant women need to work particularly hard?

2. What does the chorus think about Jason and Medea's futures once her plans are carried out?

3. What does Medea have to do in order to stay with Aegeus?

4. What supernatural ability is Medea said to have?

5. Why is Medea so happy when Aegeus leaves?

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