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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Medea plan to kill the princess?
(a) Attacking her after the ceremony.
(b) A poisoned dress and crown.
(c) Poisoned wine during the banquet.
(d) Slipping ground glass into her meal.

2. Why does Medea promise she won't hurt Creon?
(a) He has been a friend to her and she wouldn't betray his trust.
(b) He is only a father giving away his daughter to a good man.
(c) She is afraid of him and his soldiers.
(d) He is too powerful and if she tried she would surely fail.

3. What does Medea think about women who have been wronged by a lover?
(a) They are at fault for not pleasing their man.
(b) They are capable of extreme violence.
(c) They need support from the government to get by.
(d) They are weak victims that need protection.

4. What is the Tutor's belief about people?
(a) They are good at heart and want to help others.
(b) They generally are just trying to get along without trouble.
(c) They all love themselves more than others.
(d) They want to find personal peace at whatever cost.

5. What function does the chorus's ode serve after the fight between Medea and Creon?
(a) It gives time for a scene change.
(b) It offers more exposition to explain what is happening.
(c) It gives the audience a breather from the intensity of the scene.
(d) It illuminates the subtext behind the relationship between the two.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who explains why Medea is crying to the chorus?

2. What country is the myth of Medea from?

3. What makes Creon sympathetic as a character?

4. What does Medea give Jason for his bride?

5. Who does Medea plan to take revenge against?

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