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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Medea kill for Jason?
(a) When he was trying to escape with the Golden Fleece.
(b) Just before their first child was born.
(c) Aboard the Argo when they were attacked by sirens.
(d) Several times throughout their marriage.

2. What is the Tutor's belief about people?
(a) They are good at heart and want to help others.
(b) They generally are just trying to get along without trouble.
(c) They want to find personal peace at whatever cost.
(d) They all love themselves more than others.

3. What goddess does Medea invoke as she plans her revenge?
(a) Hecate.
(b) Hera.
(c) Artemis.
(d) Aphrodite.

4. What stands in the way of Medea enacting her plans immediately?
(a) She needs a place to go afterwards.
(b) She can't get to her victims in the dark and must wait until morning.
(c) She has to take the time to prepare mentally.
(d) She needs to collect special herbs by moonlight.

5. Who explains why Medea is crying to the chorus?
(a) The Tutor.
(b) Medea.
(c) The Nurse.
(d) The boys.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would the chorus like Medea to do when they first arrive?

2. What has Jason said is his intent with regard to his children?

3. What character has the strongest position in Part 3?

4. What are the women of this play communally struggling against?

5. Why does Medea promise she won't hurt Creon?

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